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It’s A Love Story

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(Short story)

It’s a love story

Once upon a time, in a magical world, two children met, with joy under their wings, they sour like birds, flying and playing together in the sky. One was Romeo and other was Juliet. They were meant to be together forever. Like the cloud and rain.

Just as they grew up together. Innocence in their eyes. The flowers blooming them in harmony. Soul mates made from heaven. Sweet as honey. The whole world their home. Beautiful dreams they share together. Their love became stronger as days goes on. With warm heart and pure thoughts; they telepaths. Their love story begins.

They were together for a very long time, but then fate strikes. Life set them on two different paths. A divine intervention of destiny. A test of genuine love. Dreams will be different. New people will come into their lives. How long can they wait for each other? Can their dreams to be together still be alive?

They were separated as children. Living in a different world. They turn to every direction, wondering what the other had become. They fight for their same dream. Until their dreams is fulfilled, they refused to wake up.

Even if their path is block with thorns, they won’t give up their quest. Past memories of love and promises keeps their dream alive. Hope, a substance they hold unto. How long do they have to keep this dream alive?

They live in each others heart, waiting patiently for the day fate will make eyes met. Their dream will never break until they see each other again. Strong is the heart that search and wait for its beloved.

Years passed on, still no sight of being in each others arms. Age came knocking. Pressures from society mounting on both sides. Dream seems like a mirage. Promises and hope they still hold on to. One day, eyes will meet, they thought, but destiny has other plans.

Crazy, their love was called. Genuine they both called it. Age knocking still… They clock 30… 40… Then 50 of age… Still no sign of sight but they still hold on to their promises, their dreams, their commitment and love.

They remembered their promise to each other to be faithful, their love should be unbreakable, they are to be reliable. No one else will own their heart. They won’t walk down the aisle with someone else except each other. This promises hold their heart together. They are far away from each other but their heart is at each other’s door.

Their dream to be together wasn’t fulfilled but their promises and love was fulfilled. They never met but they were together in each other’s heart. It’s a love story.

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