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A Girl – Child I Never Wanted

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(A short story)

A girl – child I never wanted.

Right from my childhood, I had never found a girl – child interesting, am not a fan of them. I grew up feeling superior to a girl – child even though am the last born and the only male in my family.

Now old enough to start my own family, I had always wanted 3 kids, which all must be boys, don’t blame me for not wanting a girl, I just feel they don’t fit in my plan for the kind of future I wanted for my kids.

I was a great athlete of my time, sport was my passion right from the womb. It was a dream I invest in and succeeded to be one of the greatest in it. I want this dream to be pass on to my kids which I thought actually must be boys. Like I said, to me, girls don’t fit in my dream.

Before getting married, I always reminded my fiance of what I wanted. 3 sons only is my anthem. I got married, to crown it all, my wife was pregnant with a baby girl, I felt weak on hearing the news. I blamed her for changing my plan. Well, I don’t have a choice than to accept my baby girl in my arms.

I felt relieved when I remembered I still have two more kids to bring to this world. I was sure they must be boys, I assured myself. Years down the line, my wife was again with child, my happiness knew no bound, I always stare at her protruding tummy and imagined seeing my little prince in there dancing with a ball on his feet.

My wife got delivered, to my utmost disappointment, it was a baby girl again. My heart shattered. I blamed her once again. I reminded her of my dreams, I told her how cruel she was to deny me of a son; my dream. I was helpless but didn’t have a choice than to accept another princess inform of a prince I wanted.

I put on an armor of hope again for my third incoming child, I prayed to God to grant me just this request and I will do anything to have a boy. I consult everyone on how to have a male child. This is the only hope to fulfil my dream of having a child to succeed and pass my dream career on to.

Feeling contented with my efforts and prayers, I was well assured of a boy – child since my wife is with another child again. I stock my house with all sort of jerseys, balls and boys play toys waiting patiently for the day I will have my baby boy in my arms.

For the very third time, my wife was delivered of a bouncing baby girl… A baby girl!!! My heart sank. My world was dark. My dream of wanting to be a proud father got shattered. I could feel my heart bleeding, why would God do this to me? I blamed everyone for my misfortune.

At that very moment I had a loathe feeling for a girl – child. I succumb to life defeat. I was stuck with a girl – child I never wanted, I faced reality and embraced my fate.

Years passed, I was blur of my dreams. There is no one to pass my dream unto, I thought, but life smiled at me, my soul was brightened by a delightful thought, I looked at my beautiful princesses one day and I asked myself, “Who says a girl – child can’t also make my dream come through”? ” Who says a girl – child can’t make a great athlete like me”?

“Who”!!! I asked myself

I had been so wrong for a very long time. I could see the potentials of what I wanted a son I couldn’t have in my little princesses. My dreams lit up. They were more than what I had ever wanted. I put them in the plan I once had only for sons. They made me proud.

Now, such a great athlete they all are. My dream was fulfilled with a girl – child I never wanted.

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