Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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What Is Life?

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What is life?

I have often wondered what life is
Is it just a world where we come
To serve and be served
Or is it a journey full of obstacles
To endure,enjoy and one day abandon
Sure there is more to it
Than a journey or a world
I think life is beautiful and sweet
Just as it is ugly and bitter
Life to me is a shoe store
We hear of the shoe store
Find this great shoe store
Pick our pair and walk comfort
This indeed is my parable of destiny
Destiny our meaning of life
The deeper look of things
Its am big uity clear
The shoe store is education
Education you get from a school
Your learning gets you a prize
That price a pair of shoes
The pair of shoes are not useless
The pain of a wound
Is hard and gruesome
All it does is add sorrow than bring more hope
A wall freshly painted is a pride to itself
But a little dent
Is like a Stab to the soul

By Anabocha Rejoice
aka silent writer

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