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Tear Stained Sheets

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Tear Stained Sheets

The girl sat there as tears ran out from her eyes,
She buried herself in her sheets to muffle the cries,
She had given a boy everything, all her heart and soul,
But then he left, the situation was out of her control.

She looked out the window, out into the sky,
Into the star lit abyss and asked the moon why,
“Why did he leave when I was at my worst”,
I thought he loved me and put my wellbeing first.

But of course, there was no reply,
The moon just blinked as the clouds danced by,
She flopped back to her pillow, her seams worn thin,
The seams of her heart, the ones the boy tore out with a grin.

Days went by and the girl felt worse,
Heartbroken, lost, trying not to have an emotional outburst,
But the boy kept walking emotionless and free,
He left his attachment behind, forgetting the memories his mind sees.

They walk alone in the mornings, their only company their thoughts,
The girl finds them overwhelming but the boy has learnt to ignore,
She carries on reminiscing their kiss,
While the boy walks into a bank of spring mist.

Their paths did cross, once again,
A morning walk, they both were walking towards each other when,
They both paused and looked into each others eyes,
Tears formed in the girls, but the boy chose to walk on by,
She looked back then broke down looking at the sky,
And then she realised everything they ever had was a lie.

~ Jasmine (15)

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