Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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Poem About Covid-19

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Poem about covid-19

It all sounded like a rumour,
A joke to laugh at
Till it spread like a tumour
And choked the laughter in our throats

Many are dying,panicking and worrying
We are in an isolation from ourselves
To keep away from the virus
But keeps spreading a fire in harmattan

Gloves and sanitizers my mother has bought
Even face masks made of ankara is now a trend
Fear is everywhere because of this virus

But I ask,what wisdom is there in our fear
Washing and sanitizing are very important

But worrying and panicking will still lead to the grave
How about we smile and enjoy our isolation
This is the compensation so let there be no strained communication

This is the time to get a skill
To knit,to weave, to write not to sleep
Stay indoors but let not your bodies rust
Do a little jogging or running or playing

Give a hearty laugh always
Let us not only isolate ourselves
But isolate our fears
Keep away from despair

Take a breathe of fresh air
And spend time with the family
Together we can do it
Let’s live out and leave this pandemic truly happy

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