Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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Lockets: Mysteries Of Love

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Lockets: mysteries of love.

Necklace and bangles
Earrings and anklets
Jewelry is beautiful
And never out of fashion
Lockets are mysteries
Mysteries are histories
Of ancient time past
The locket is mystic
It perfection is mesmerizing
Its dangling shape beautiful
This creation is finer than any jade
As a star lightning the sky at night
And guides a ship at sea
So does a locket light my heart with hope
To survive stormy times
As I gaze upon this locket
It is more than a jewelry to me
This heart shaped metal those not make my heart chill
It warms my heart with hope
I would rather have a locket alone in the world
Than have a store of jewelry with no happiness at all

By Anabocha Rejoice
aka silent writer

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