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The Great Grand Tree

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The Great Grand Tree
By Anabocha Rejoice
aka the silent writer

There is a huge tree on my street
That is older than I am
I call it the great grand tree because it is indeed grand
The tree is as wide as a baobab
And as tall as five giraffes
Its leaves as many as the dust of the earth
It seems like the tree has no end

But it isn’t why I call it
The great grand tree
I call it that because it survived the storm

The day of storm was a sad night
The wind blew without ceasing
Roofs made funny noises
Crashes and rumbles were here and there
It seemed the sky was vexed with the earth

Finally the tears of the sky came
In sheets and torrents it seemed to pour
I stayed awake and thought of my friend
Whose branches were open to the angry sky
The night seemed long for I woke many times
It seemed like the end of the world

But morning came with a wet smile
Because the sun didn’t come to play with us
I hurried off after breakfast to my grand tree
I saw the mess the rain had made
The road was littered with leaves of many colours
But when I looked up at my friend
There it was smiling down at me
It looked just as it was before the storm

I never thought it will survive it
But there it was my great grand tree

By Anabocha Rejoice
aka the silent writer

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