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Eden Easter Episode 3 finale

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Subtitle: Eden Easter

-Last Episode

Mrs Okoro’s house, in her sittingroom four masked men stood with guns as her and her three children sprawled on the parlour floor.

Time: 2am.

Piro: madam, get up! Wey the money before I blow off your daughter brain. I no come joke oh!

Mrs. Okoro: [shaking on the floor] is…. Is…

Piro: [interjected] see madam, stand up! Before I change mind.

Her children were on the floor with the three other masked men with Piro pointing guns at them.

Mrs. Okoro and Piro left the sittingroom, both of them got into Mrs. Okoro bedroom.

Piro: [cocks his gun impatiently] you think say I dey joke [his finger on the trigger]

Mrs. Okoro: [shivering] no… no… let me bring it [she opens her wardrobe and brings out a bag]

Piro: [takes the bag] lie down, before I burst your medula!

Mrs. Okoro lay on the floor quickly while Piro took the bag away, locking the bedroom.

Immediately Piro left Mrs. Okoro alone, she raised her head up and find herself all alone.

She quickly jerked up and looked for her phone.

With shaking hands she dialed a number and called the police.

Mrs. Okoro: [breathing heavily with fear] arm…. robb…er

Police officer: madam calm down, please take a deep breathe and explain.

Mrs. Okoro: there are armed robbers in my home, they are yet to leave.

Officer help me, they are with my three daughters.

Police officer: quickly send us your address, we will deploy our patrol team to that area immediately.

Mrs. Okoro ended the call shivering and sobbing, a loud bang nearly made her phone dropped off from her grip.

She quickly composed herself fumbling with her shaking hands all over the screen, she finally sent a message.

Back at the sittingroom, John has been staring at Mary’s exposed laps lustfully.

The three girls were on their nightie and it barely covers their bodies. None of them wore bra,

John: O, this girls them set oh! I wan pour for their body.

Piro: [enters with a bag and gun] lets go, I have the damn! Money.

Oliver: na only when money dey your hand you dey speak better English.

John: na toto we dey go waste the money on, when free toto dey here. Guy, I wan do this girl.

Charles: make we dey go na, I no wan do anything. What if the police jam us here. [Others laughing at him]

John: [orders Mary pointing a gun at her] open your legs or I will shoot you.

Mary: [crying and begging] please, don’t rape me. Am still a virgin. [John laughing]

John: who dash you virgin [kicks her leg and drags her by the leg to himself] co-operate or I go just waste you.

Charles: [peeps through the window, outside is still dark. He looks at his other guys raping the two girls, but John was still struggling with Mary] guy, leave that girl! she be virgin tru tru.

John: [Charles drags him up from Mary] as this girl fine like this na virgin? Wonder shall never end.

Mary crawled away in freight, Charles was concerned about her as she coined herself in a corner praying and crying.

John and Piro with Oliver, Charles were heading back to their destination. It was a fruitful operation as they hurried to their hide-out through the broad bushy road. They were not expecting any checkpoint because there have never been any before, and didn’t envisage police patrol team to come to that area so they were all holding their guns.

John: those girls sweet ga, wetin surprise me be say na that Mary oh. I pray make my sister be that kind girl.

Piro: [laughing at him] your sister ke, that your sister wey start pioo pioo and mioo mioo from your mother womb. [Three of them laughing at John]

John: em still better pass your sister wey dey get plenty big gods, we no settle D.P.O for this operation. What if em get info about am?

Oliver: leave that thing, you be learner? We will deny that we are not the people that carried out the operation.

Piro and John: [hails him] witch man!

Charles: [feels strong urge to use the toilet] I wan shit, guys I dey come. [He enters the nearby bush]

John: make we leave this manchi, easter money no sweet am.

Piro: Oliver, why you carry this crayfish come board sef, you fuck up oh.

Oliver: make ona no vex [three of them walks away]

They have not gone far from were Charles entered the bush when a torchlight was pointed at them.

Piro: who goes there! [Cocks his gun]

Voice: you are under arrest! Drop…

John: [screams] government oh!

Sounds of gun rocked the air, as bullets were exchanged. Piro was the first to caught a bullet and he dropped death on the ground, John was quick to get in the bush but didn’t notice an officer who has been ducking there in time.

Police officer: if you move, I move you.

John didn’t hearken, he tried to be smart but was shot immediately.

Oliver surrendered and he was taken away with the recovered bag of money, Charles when he heard the exchanged gun sounds he escaped.

The End.

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