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Addicted To Him Episode 113

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Written ✍ by feathers

Episode 113

Sawyer’s POV

“Son? ”

Did I hear him well?

“Lol who is your son? Sorry there must be some mistake somewhere ” Miguel said looking at his mom for answers but she wasn’t saying anything

“Am so sorry my boy for leaving you all this years with your mom, its wasn’t intensional please 🙏 find a place in your heart to forgive me” he said with tears 😭

“Dammit old man!! My father is dead so please go and look for your son else where mom you not saying anything can you fucking tell this man am not his son” Miguel yelled

“Calm down Miguel don’t talk to your mom like that ” Anderson said

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down ” he screamed at Anderson

“Am so sorry Miguel please 🙏 I never meant for things to be this way but am afraid he is saying the truth, Edward is your biological father ” his mom dropped the biggest bomb

“What!! ” I spit out my drink

“No mom that’s not possible my father is dead to me this man here can’t be my father, never ” he yelled with blood shut eyes

“Calm down Miguel and hear him out” I said

But he ended up yelling at me too

“Stay out of this sawyer ” he growled at me

“Please Miguel relax this is not the right place for this let’s all go home am sure we gonna talk about this properly ” my mom said trying to calm Miguel but he was really 😡 mad

“No mrs brown this man is not coming to my house ” he said with anger 😠 running through his veins

“Son please 🙏 forgive me I promise am gonna explain myself ” the man said but Miguel wasn’t bothered

“Leave this place right now or am gonna do something terrible to you, ion care if I get arrested ” Miguel groaned quietly

He look like he was gonna cry any moment

“Please Miguel you taking it too far lets just hear what he has to say” his mom cried

Miguel POV

“You know what guys lets go am tired Of this drama” I said angrily as I picked up my car keys

Am so sick from all this drama he can’t show up from nowhere and claim to be my father after 25years

Not happening

” you can stay with your long lost husband if you want but I don’t wanna ever see him close to me ” I said

And walked out while the guys trailed behind into total silence

I know I owe them apologies for my rude behavior towards them but right now I can’t think straight I just need to get away from this drama

God knows how much I went through in those trying times

It became vulnerable to arm robbers because I had nowhere to go would have given up on life but I didn’t and God used my suffering to bless me and cody

Now he thinks he can’t just walk into our life’s whenever he feels like

Ion know about my mom but ion need him in my life

I’m happy even without a father

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