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Eden Easter Episode 2 (holy saturday)

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Subtitle: Holy Saturday.

-Episode two.

In an uncompleted building, one of the rooms with two opened window frames. One at the right side while the other window is stationed at the back, the room had been sand filled but a celine was yet to be put in place. But the roof has already been done, the owner have not taken care of the flooring for the meantime.
John, Peter popularly called Piro stood in the room that needed renovation.

Piro: [dragging the cigarette and puffing smokes] wetin dey keep this nigga na? See time na money na wetin Oyibo people talk.

John: I trust Oliver, he will be here in no time. Just calm down, you will see him with the new guy.

Piro: I dey follow you yarn with pidgin, you dey show yourself say you sabi English abi? You go school reach me?

John: Piro, everybody know say you no gree enter class, even if I no write WAEC. I pass my neighbour.

John and Piro: [starts laughing]

Oliver and Charles: [enters, Oliver shakes hands with Piro and John]

Piro: you f*ck up big time, why you no show up early? I don dey even lose hope say you no go come again.

Oliver: am not Amaka, I nofit disappoint my guys. Back to business, see the guy wey wan join us.

Charles: [coughing] put away the cigarette.

Piro: hiaa! Na this one wan follow us go the operation?

Oliver: the guy na bad guy, this operation is the easiest one. Don’t worry, after this operation everyone will have money to flex this Easter.

John: Oliver you too much, your network no fail like some people wey wan turn us to Christmas meats if no be God.

John, Charles and Oliver: [laughing].

Opposite the church gate is a kiosk managed by Aliyu, a Hausa man by tribe selling provisions. Immediately he sighted Johannah, a happy smile spread across his face.
He couldn’t hide his joy, he has been secretly lusting after the girl.

Aliyu: I wan tu marly you Joha Joha [he starts singing] Johana baby banga shega.

Johannah: [laughing] this one you are singing for me, I hope am safe oh?

Aliyu: aaahh! Allah kai! You are safe, I wan tu take you to Sokoto, Kaduna, I wan marry you.

Johannah: what of your wives, abeg oh! Sell me candles, we are doing something in the Church, three candles.

Aliyu: [enters his kiosk and comes out with four candles, gives it to Johannah] don’t pay! Fine Johannah! Don’t pay at all. I will pay you five thousand, come to my house.

Johannah: [thinks for awhile] I will come tomorrow [she leaves].

Aliyu: [continues singing].

High flames rising up to the sky, it was night as the rising fire illuminated the darkness. Priest Benedict stood arms stretched wide before the congregation with lit candles, it was candles night as they recite the rosary to mark the end of the holy day welcoming the resurrection of Christ.

Jude: [whispering to Hannah with his candle burning] follow me, I want to show you something.

Hannah: [whispering back] you are not serious, am not coming with you anywhere. I am no longer interested in the relationship.

Jude: [mumbling] see this idiot…. [Whispering back] no one says no to me, Hannah follow me.

He find his way out of the crowd, Hannah refused to follow him. He got to the church’s gate but no sign of Hannah coming, he was visibly angry that he crossed the tarred road without looking side ways to check for approaching vehicle. A moving vehicle jammed him and he rolled on the tarred road bleeding profusely.

Driver: help oh! I don kill person oh. [Screaming]

People who were already helped Jude who was on unconscious inside the car, and the driver drove to the nearest hospital.


Have a wonder Holy Saturday.

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