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Eden Easter Episode 1

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Subtitle: Good Friday.

-Episode one.

Johannah and Hannah were in the sittingroom when Mary opened the entrance door to their home. Three of them are sisters and the children of late Mr. Okoro and Mrs Okoro.
Johannah is the oldest followed by Mary, Hannah is the last born of the family.
A moderate crucifix was on the table and a modern Television is switched on and an Africa drama was on display, a calendar on the wall with picture of Jesus as background.

Mary: [arms akimbo] so both of you didn’t come to the morning mass?

Johannah: [hiss] carry your wahala go inside house, na me kill Jesus?

Hannah: [laughing] I wonder oh! Sister, don’t mind Mary oh. She is in love with our parish priest, she is now using corner corner…

Mary: let Jesus who washes away the sins of the world forgive you, how can I think of such a thing with a priest of the Lord who is under the obligation of celibacy, this girl you have now spoil abi?

Johannah: mother Mary, virgin Mary, we hail you. Is he impotent or celibate? [Mary exclaimed] I am watching you and priest Benedict oh!. Everytime you are always Benedicting, let him use condom before you will be benedicted oh! [Johannah and Hannah starts laughing]

Mary: [doing the cross sign with her chaplet] may the virgin Mary intercede for both of you [she drops her bible on the table, picks up the anointing oil] sanctify by the blood of Jesus who dies today to take away the sins of the Lord [sprinkles the anointing oil on her sisters]

Hannah: [exclaiming] Mary you have mad oh! You have wet my dress I want to wear to the drama today.

Johannah: [gets up and chases Mary] I will beat this girl today [both of them laughing and exits the sitting room]

Hannah: [gets up and follows them] sister J beat her very well [exits also]

In the church yard, a vast compound fenced round with a gate. Johannah and Hannah were sitting on the porch of the Church discussing, while the gate opened presenting groups of youths coming in with someone at the fore with carrying something as the cross while others are chanting.
Amongst them is Mary who acted as Jesus’s mother.

Voices: Judas betrays Jesus, Peter denies Jesus before the cock crows three times. Crucify! Crucify!! Crucify him!!!

Johannah & Hannah: [gets up from were they were sitting]

Johannah: [laughing and point towards the gate with her finger] is that not your boyfriend Jude the one acting Jesus?

Hannah: [frowns] is him, he is always acting like a kid. Em no know say em don old, I will even breakup with him [Johannah laughs harder]

Priest Benedict: [hears the voices outside and comes out of the church, everyone gather at the feet of the pillars, at the mouth of the steps] all hail Mary, mother of Jesus who bears a son who dies for the sins of the world….

Congregation: all hail mother of Jesus who intercede for us all.

Hannah: [moves to where Jude is and whispers to him] follow me now [both of them sneaks out of the crowd entering the church] Jude walk faster na.

Jude: [joins Hannah in the church courtyard] my love, what is it again. We are going to miss the holy communion, the procession has already started.

Hannah: [rolls her eyes] and so what? Spare me that! Jude, lets go to your house I missed you.

Jude: [sighs] we will go after the communion, lets go inside before your mother will start looking for both of us.

Hannah: [rolls her eyes] if you love me, lets go. And if you don’t love me then don’t take me to your house now. [Jude thinks for awhile]

Jude and Hannah: [exits the church].

Inside the church at the alter is a big crucifix, Priest Benedict and other Reverend Fathers stood before the congregation.
The others held little crucifix while Priest Benedict fed the congregation the holy communion, one after the other the congregation march to the alter kissed the little crucifix and ate the communion from Priest Benedict’s hands.


Have a wonderful Good Friday in remembrance of Jesus who died for us all.

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