Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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Omondi H.O.
Listen my brothers and sisters,
If I die tomorrow this day of terror
Which I believe must happen,
It will be a surprise and unbelief to many,
They will say, he was of good health
Though to some it will be fulfilled expectation
Let him rest in peace with his ancestors.

Many will not lack a words to say,
With many allegations they will talk,
He drunk himself to death,
No, it was his aching liver and wounded heart
His girlfriend poisoned him with bad doctrines
Yes, he succumbed to depression and stress
Who knows what causes sudden death?

Mourners will gather to my send off
All eyes covered with big black glasses
Just like American thugs we watch in movies
Not to forget their dull charcoaled clothes
As they wail their lungs out and shade cups of tears
Singing dirges for the fallen legend,
In all manner of styles they will express their sorrow

What a misfortune that has befell us
Old men will support their chins with their walking sticks
Wondering what has come over our young men
Could he stay a little bit longer?
They will be disturbed
This dark wind is swaying all our people
Rahuma god of the rising sun what wrong have we done?

Listen my brothers and sisters,
On my burial day, that day you’ll settle me in my grave
With all my success you will send me in peace
Please say all you knew about me
Lead the mourners into the songs of comfort
Please don’t lament so much lest come after me,

To my aging mother, oh my poor mum,
And to my beloved siblings and cousins,
I know how you will deny the truth,
Our son cannot just go that way
Someone must have casted a kamote on him
His promising future is lost and gone
Just give him some time he will wake up.

Brothers and sisters I am no more,
If you love me make her your own mother
And be her sons and daughters if you valued me
Cause desert to the rivers on her cheeks
Pick her up and straighten her curved back bone
Allow me to be present in you though absent
This will form an upward curve of her lip

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