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October 30, 2020

World Best, All In One Spot

Mr Romantic Episode 1

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💕{Playing with fire }💕

This book is Rated 🔞

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Written by KAS admins

🤩 Chapter one 🤩

😏 Williamson 😏

It was a beautiful Saturday morning , I woke up in the arms Daisy that’s if it’s her name .

” Good morning pretty boy ” she greeted but I am still thinking of what to say to escape from her after 12 rounds of sx

Seriously this girl don’t get satisfied

“Erm good morning Daisy” I said faking a smile and pecked her on the lips

“What ?? Daisy ? It’s Danielle not Daisy'” she corrected with a frown

” Y..yeah yeah Danielle ,why don’t you go take a shower first” I said.

She stood up and walked to the bathroom , that’s what I wanted tho .

Immediately sh got in I started dressing up I better excape this fckery or else I won’t be able to fuck ever again.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself.
Well am Williamson coulson but my friends call me Mr romantic age 21 an average boy actually.

Wondering why am being called mr romantic?

Well that’s because am the master swayer of girls , lover p**ys it’s like I would die without fucking a bitch .and extremely hot too 😋

Right now I need to attend a function just downtown there’s this beautiful chick that have been trying to woo for a long time now there’s chances she might be there .

” Baby ? Do you want shower with me ? I bet sex in the shower won’t hurt ” Shakira or whatever she called herself said from the bathroom

“No erm actually my mom called she asked me to pick up her cat from kindergarten” I lied and wore my shoes

I ran out before she could reply.

“Nicki Minaj with the big booty you are mine” I mumbled happily to myself as I rushed to the function.

Haven’t even gone far when I saw her ,in a red shirt strapless gown .her smile was breathtaking

She looked like a goodness in it plunging tight to her body revealing those goddammn shape .I felt like fucking right here in the open

She is endowed with the right ingredients,she has the round and orange shape boobs and the 465 booty , a booty worth killing for.

I fixed my looks and put on my bad boy charms as I walked towards her with confidence.

“Hey gorgeous” I said a deep sexy voice as other girls drooled over me
But she seems less bothered

“Hey ? Can I help you?” She asked with folded arms

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“Yes princess I was hoping we could do some catch up but first thing first was your beautiful name ” I said with a wink

” That’s for me to know and you to find out” she said rudely as she bent over before me to pick up something , my mouth became watery

Fortunately for me a waiter mistakenly pushed me as my hand landed on her ass

She turned immediately the looked on her face was that of terror

“Sorry I didn’t mean to….

Before I could finish she gave me two hot resounding slaps

Everyone gasps

Munay berry💕

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