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The Farmer’s Daughter Episode 2

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Chapter two
*Mason’s pov*
Eric and I arrived home and I didn’t wait to remove my shirt
“That bitch… Who does she think she is? “Eric roared angrily

I was now completely shirtless
I sat on a couch and poured myself a glass of red wine

“You were the victim, why are you so relaxed? “Eric asked

I smirked

“She’s not worth it… “I said and dropped the glass

“We just have three weeks to begin cultivating or dad’s gonna take everything from us, both the company, our houses and accounts ” Eric stressed

“By the way, this is all ur fault, if only you didn’t bet on that huge sum of money, we wouldnt have lost everything… You figure out what we’re gonna do now ” I said pissed off

Eric slumped on the sofa rubbing his jaw

👥 Am Mason, 24 and heir to my father’s wealth
This knuckle head here, (Eric) is my bestfriend since childhood… We grew up together
He’s been the one advising me in everything I do and did

He gambled 🎰 with the company’s money given to me by my dad and we lost everything

Dad’s gonna be home in a month time and we need to recover all lost before he returns

And we’ve seen the perfect land to start working on cause they’re going out of business

That girl… She can’t stand in our way

“What do we do about the girl? “Eric asked

“What? Are u really asking me that.. Eric you’re the master planner … You know exactly what to do “I said

He smirked

“All we’ve got to do is to kidnap the fairy gander and teach Her lesson … “Eric said, I smiled

*Chelsea’s pov*
“I thought you’ve changed for the better Chelsea but no, you’re still crazy in the head “mom preached

Dad lowered his head

“Mom, I couldn’t just let them intimidate us.. I believe I’ve got a say in this mom “I said

Mom sniffed and soon began crying

“Chelsea, you know we are gonna loose this farm soon… “She said still crying

“The offer is enough for us to afford three meals a day… “Mom cried

I consoled her

“Mom, as long as am still ur daughter, we’ll get through this but selling the farm is out of the question “I said before leaving

If those two men have the guts, let them step 👣 into this house again

I’ll disform their pretty face with hot coffee 😒

*Mason’s pov*
After bathing and brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I walked into my luxurious bedroom with my pj on

My eyes met Tara’s… She wore a short night dress which was extremely visible and her sweet cologne filled the room

She wore a seductive look

I rolled my eyes

“This is gonna be the last time you’ll be invading my privacy without knocking.. And dressed in that “I said coldly

“But babe, the door was open “she said

“I don’t care Tara… Now go away, I want to sleep “I said still standing far from her

She began sobbing
“Mason, why do you hate me so much? I’ve told you countless times of how I love you but you still don’t make an effort to love me back “she said as tears streamed down from her eyes

“And I’ve also told you that am busy Tara, too busy for love… AM the heir and I have alot of my dad’s business to take care off ” I said

She sniffed

“At least, can I sleep beside you… Just for the night? “She asked

My heart melted a bit

I nodded

“Fine… ”

She smiled and adjusted her extremely short nightie

“One advice Tara, never were that again in my presence… It… It irritates me “I said

She nodded shyly

Urgh… This is gonna be a long night

*Chelsea’s pov*
During dinner with my family… I couldn’t help but wonder who that guy was

Mom might know

“Mom.. Who’s that guy… The guy I poured water on, who’s he? “I asked

“He’s Mason Oliver… ”

I didn’t let her finish

“Son of Oliver Ryan?! The owner of OR soap, OR shampoo, OR toothpaste, OR Make up kits?!! “I yelled to the top of my voice

Mom nodded slightly

Oh my goodness
Am a fan of OR products

I use them at London… So, that’s his son?
So rude and arrogant… But cute ☺


Will kidnapping Chelsea work out??
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