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Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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Legend Of Blue Sea Prologue

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🐟(A tale of two worlds)🐟
~A Korean love story

They are half humans
they are the BLUE SEA MERMAIDS🧜

let’s take a sneak peek into the story shall we?;

well in North Korea there is a famous sea called the BLUE SEA and there is a legendary tale of the singing mermaids…

SHIN WOO the popular K_pop superstar doesn’t believe in the fairytale and claims it’s ‘stupid’ until one day…….

He drowns in the sea and was rescued by a creature….


MIN AH the princess of the blue sea rescues this handsome human and went against the rules of the Mer people…

A year later a war breaks out between the Mermaids and the Merman’s and Queen Shin Ah gives her daughter a bracelet that made Min Ah get something she always wanted…

Min Ah finds herself on the shores of the blue sea and she had LEGS!!!

What happens when this mermaid and the superstar cross paths again??

Will Min Ah be able to live amongst the humans??

Are you willing to go on this roller coaster ride with me??


for the epic tale of the LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA…


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