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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 27

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Episode 27

Ugbuloida: when you come na?

Me: just today.

She come disengage, my pr*ck come dey stand for my boxer anyhow.
Fear come catch me for the disgrace wey my pr*ck disgrace me that time.
I come scratch my head, I no want wetin happen to me that time to happen to me again oh.

Me: ehnn… Ugbuloida, I dey come. My first reach Ada their house, my mother send me message.

Ugbuloida: you dey come back, bah?

Me: yes, na… Go baf, when I come back I go branch for ona house.

She carried her bucket and walked to the bathroom, her yansh was just shaking anyhow inside the wrapper. Her yansh don separate finish, she go sweet die for doggystyle.
My pr*ck come dey react, I first calm am down.

I waka go Ada their house, met them cooking. I didn’t meet her dad, I met her and her sister making fufu since the next day is harvest.
Her two brothers were around.

Ada: kolo, you don come.

Me: iffa slap your mouth ehnn.

Ada sister: you don return?

Me: no, I dey road.

We laughed and started gisting, I sat on the chair that they brought to me.
They brought mango to me, I started licking.
After I am done licking, I got up and went home.

I slept off after eating and taking my bath, I woke the next morning and brush my teeth.
Our church youth came ringing bells and singing songs, I went inside back and slept.

After I finished bathing, I dressed up and went to church. I met Happiness with her friend Agi, the girl slim die. Breeze fit carry am sef.

Happiness: I hear say, Beauty finish you.

Me: no, my thing no gree stand.

Agi whispered something to Happiness.

Voice: Agi oh! Come.

Her mother called her, she ran away and left Happiness and I alone.

Happiness: my friend talk say, she like you well well.

Me: which friend?

Happiness: that one wey just commot.

Me: no wish me well oh, I dey fine flesh to add to my slim body, you wan give me bone like me.

Happiness: who tell you say na bone? That girl sabi f*ck oh.

Me: see me see trouble, I don see madam f*cker. You don see where slim person dey marry slim person?

Happiness: ehem na, na that one sweet.

Me: you want make our bones dey jam dey sound kekeke!!

Agi now came back smiling, the babe look fearful. I just tuwama.


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