Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

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The World Pandemic (Covid19)

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The World Pandemic (Covid19)

Oh! Land, don’t put us through this torture!
This is a terror to own flesh
The world opening to rapture
A plague to our own reflect

Oh! Land, don’t be injurious to our health
Have mercy on us!
Spare us time to gather our wealth
Our sheep is tiring unlike the strength of horse

Oh! Land, we’re little children
We’re descendants of your dust
Being grieved of hard scolding
Forgive us and open a new door

Oh! Land, in our strength, we’re so hopeless
Staying and living with loneliness
Our home; quarantined
Our freedom; cage with time

Oh! Land, Panic chasing us round
Soil soil, hear our voice
Who else can we turn to now?
The earth is almost in foil

Oh! Land, in your world we are villain
Built technologies, we thought we are brilliant
In our knowledge we create sham life
All in debt and death lies

Oh! Land, we are such a loser
A fool we are but thought we are wiser.
Adamant to your warnings
Term your word useless and boring

Oh! Land, help us lift this burden
Cleanse this plague of its murdering
Save the earth its murmuring
Cure the dark and bring the light in the morning.

Oh! Land, we look up to you now
We had being childish like a clown
We leave behind our wisdom and focus on yours
Save us from wrath and chaos!

Dedicated to the world!!!

PS: This epidemic is no more in world’s hand but in God’s hand. Pray!!!


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