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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 23

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Episode 23

I knock for em door, i banged continually listening to their conversation.

Voice1: Biggy, your father.. I don die oh

Voice2: no worry, em no go do anything.

I increased the banging, after some minutes I heard his footsteps coming towards the door. He opened and I laughed out my ass.

Biggy: mad man, I know say na you.

Me: you for no open the door if you know, you dey scatter person daughter toto for this kind weather?

Biggy: how that one concern you?

Voice: Biggy, na who be that?

Biggy: na this mad man, man turkey.

She came out and smiled immediately, and rushed into my arms with her br*less bre*asts teasing me behind the fabric.

Ada: my husband, how you dey?

Me: I just dey oh.

Biggy: come make we go finish, I never even c*m.

Me: my go play game.

Both of them entered his room while I headed to the sittingroom and settled for the pes in the parlour, I increased the volume so that their voice will not disturb amu ugenba. I just dey whip computer ass, I don play ten straight matches before them come out with sweats for their body.

Me: s*x na food? Ona just dey knack without break.

Biggy: the thing sweet pass food, food chais.

Ada: I wan dey go, my mother don return.

She left us and immediately I heard Biggy’s father’s voice from afar, I sneaked out.

Biggy’s father: wey this boy? Ehn.. Ehnn.. Biggy, who drop this thing here?

I take another route since road full Abuja go house, I reach house baf and park my things go fine bike.
I saw one bikeman and stopped.

Bikeman: where you wan go?

Me: Ochigba.

Bikeman: I nodey go that side.

I waited like two bikes before one finally agreed to carry me, we started the journey and he was stopped by a beautiful girl on our way.

Girl: Thankgod, carry me go village na.

Bikeman: abeg no vex, shift make she enter for your bike.

Me: no, I wan enter her back.

Girl: my enter first.

She entered and I sat behind her, her soft yansh just rest before my d*ck. The sweetest moment na when we run into bumper, her *ss go come bounce and rub for my d*ck. The idiot just stand immediately like rock, I come dey fear for my boxer wey I wear sef, make em no tear.
She come look back and smile at me.

Girl: you be man o.

Me: I tell you, na you ’cause am.


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