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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 22

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Episode 22

The rat no even fear me, since i lie down flat. The idiot rat run come sit down for my face dey look me face to face.

Adanne’s mom: why you waste time to open door?

Adanne: I been dey baf.

I blew the rat breeze but it didn’t even move, it move closer and started looking at me face to face.

Me: which kind wahala be this?

Adanne: mama, when you wan go?

Adanne mama: I wan lie down first, I don tire.

I start to hear foot-falls, like play like play heavy weight rest on the bed pressing me under the bed. I mess immediately.

Mama Adanne: you mess, Adanne?

Adanne: no, I no mess oh.

Mama Adanne: but I hear mess sound. Wait, person dey here?

Adanne: nobody dey here na, na only me.

I don even start to sweat, the woman weight no be here. My back start to dey pain, which kind wahala I enter like this.
I be wan shout oh as the rat climb on top me dey waka when her mother phone come right.

Mama Adanne: I just rest small, I dey come.

Na so I clear sweat for my face as the woman stand up from bed, as the door close.
I zero my mind come out from under bed, I bodey fear again even if your papa na Major.
Some minutes Adanne came back.

Adanne: make we start na.

Me: who be we? Tufiaa! No be me and you o

I carry my shirt fine my way, I no want beating. I even saw Adanne father dey return. I thank God say I no agree wetin Adanne talk.
I come say my go see my buddy Biggy.

As near em window…

Voice1: ah ahhh! Aaaah!!

Voice: ashh! Oohhh!!


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