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Married To A Soldier Prologue

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👠Prologue 👠
Tessy is married to a young millitary man, Angelo.. After the wedding, Angelo goes to the battle field leaving Tessy for four months without communicating in anyway. Angelo really doesn’t have a heart of love and commitment, in fact ge hates being married {just a burden} but he had no choice cause his salary would be tripled if he was married 💒 so he followed he’s stepmother’s advice and naggings

Tessy is a sex addict, though she’s still virgin, she craves easily and always turned on… But she sometimes ‘masturbates’ shh! {Its our little secret}

but luckily, hard hearted Angelo is back from war and is expecting he’s wife. Tessy not to be a virgin
“I’m still a virgin Angelo.. ” Tessy said not believing her husband thought bad of her

“Good… “He said and Tessy nodded, she was really turned on, she slowly began unbuttoning her shirt

“You’re going to remain a virgin till am ready to break it ” he said

“What?! “Tessy yelled
Oh, poor tessy
Can she bear this

And why is Angelo so cold and always wanna be left alone??

Will Tessy be able to for once turn him on…

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