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D H Episode 1

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Episode 1

Cherry! Cherry!!” Broda yelled from the verandah.
“I dey come!” I quickly adjusted my hair and skirt and dashed outside.
Sitting next to Broda was a very dark, potbellied man. His cheeks were so puffy that you’d think he had 3 or four akara stuffed in his mouth. His lips were thick and black like he kissed charcoal. I concluded he looked like an ape. I shifted my gaze from him as his eyes met mine.
“Welcome Sir” I curtsied to the Ape. ” Broda you called me.”
Broda cleared his throat and turned to the ugly man. “Na my younger sister be this. Her name na Cherry.”
The Ape smiled and licked his lips as he scanned me with his small eyes from head to toe. He looked satisfied with what he saw. I was disgusted.
” Oh what a beautiful girl! But I no go lie you, that name too hard for my mouth o!” He laughed like a fool.
” No worry about that one.” Broda chuckled. “When you marry am, you fit call her any name you want.”
“Ehen! Now you are talking my in-law! I go call am Nne because she resemble…”
“No…No” Broda interrupted. ” We don’t do things like that in my family, she is not yet your wife and I am not your in-law until you pay her bride price. Simple.”
“You are very correct my brother. I go do everything and even more than to marry this girl. I am a very serious man, I am not like all those useless small boys. I am a full man”
“Foolish man.” I hissed under my breath.
“Very good. I don’t want any yaga yaga person to be my sister’s husband.” Broda signaled at me to turn by circling his index finger.
I blushed and played with the hem of my skirt as I turned around quickly.
The Ape gripped his manhood through his trousers and laughed out loud.
“Don’t mind her, She is a shy girl. You know how all these virgins dey behave.”
“Ah! I like am like that o! I no like all this rough girls wey their eye son tear reach yanshh”
” My sister na good girl. She dey very discipline. She never know man at all.” Broda assured the Ape which made him break into a smile that his lips almost touch both ears.
” Enter house. ” Broda said to me.
I curtsied again and went in.
Broda came into the room about an hour later .
“We have discussed the arrangements for your introduction. He is a man of his words and I believe everything will go as planned.”
“Hmm… I pray so.” I laid on the mattress and closed my eyes.

” The man fine sha!” He teased and I threw a pillow at him.
He pounced on me and kissed me. We had a play fight then he stood up from the flat mattress.

“Remove your clothes.” Broda said as he pulled off his shirt and zipped down his shorts.
I did as he said and he pounced on me as he humped away into the night.

To be continued

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