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October 31, 2020

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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 17-18

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Episode 17

She hugged me tight breathing softly as her breathe brushed pass my face, I didn’t move until she let go and continued snoring softly. I placed my both hands on her side and started moving my waist up and down slowly.

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Her tight w*t p*ssy felt good around my d*ck, as I thr*st in and out she unconsciously grabbed the bedsheet gasping. I paused mid-way in her p*ssy, the fear of being caught made my release to be quick.
As the sweetness of my release wash over me, I started moving my waist in a fast pace.

Miss one corner: aahh! Asshh! Umhh…

Me: aahh! Ahhh!! Aaahhh!!!

My c*m sweetness shoot to my balls.

Miss one corner: assshh! Harder!!

Me: aaaaaaahhh!

I screamed crazily as the feelings was very sweet, I was lucky not to c*m inside her. I pulled out before the c*m started spurting out and poured on her laps.
She exhaled softly before she started snoring, I was already sweating.

I went in search of tissue and wiped out my c*m on her laps, I breathed and wiped the beads of sweats on my forehead.
I took my towel I hung on a hanger and went to take my bath, I entered the shower and on it. Come see enjoyment na, is like I release another akamu jehovah again.

I spent lots of time under the shower before I finally wiped myself with my towel, my amu can do good has went back to it normal shape. I held it in my hand and appreciate my creator for giving me wonderful amu that help me to scatter toto.

I still went back to the fridge and empty another tin milk, ate banana for quality sp*rm in case of any morning f*ck.
I climbed the bed and slept off, I was still in the dreamland. When someone woke me up angrily, I saw Miss one corner in tears looking at me angrily.

Me: wetin happen?

Miss one corner: you be rapist! You rape me!!

Me: i no understand o, how i take rape you?

Miss one corner: *she point the sign my c*m left* who get this thing?

Me: *i pretend like i didn’t see what she is pointing at* na your toto, you don see man with toto?

Miss one corner: you wan use my head abi?

Me: iffa use your head, which one you go come use. You funny oh!

Miss one corner: no worry, na when them don arrest you.

She went straight to were I pulled her pant and threw it, she got it and kicked her leg in one of the hole.

Me: na the rape evidence you wan wear pant be that oh!

Miss one corner: you think say na play? Na when police don come arret you, your body go rest.

She looked serious, i wondered why she dey act like say her papa na police officer or her uncle, or she don dey f*ck police man? Fear catch me.
She went to the protector and make noisy sound on the protector, I got up.

Me: you wan fall the protector, na em rape you?

Miss one corner: i no get your time, come open this gate.

My morning boner was just wrestling and harassing my innocent boxer as it led the way to were i dropped the keys and back, i opened the protector and she left.

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Me: make em be play oh!

I came out and swept the compound, went inside and swept making sure everywhere is neat.
I washed the bathroom and toilet, took my bath.
I wanted to go to church, I decided not to oh! I went to the sittingroom and switched on the TV. That day nepa borrow sense so light dey.

I never even watch the movie go half when heavy knock landed on the protector, I got to go see who dey knock for my door, iffa know say na policeman I for no even come out oh!

This girl meant her threat, fear catch me. As two policemen stood looking for anyone at home outside the compound.


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