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Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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PLEASE HELP! My Daughter Refuse To Eat And Stop Crying Since We Denied US Visa

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Pls help me out on this, since Wednesday we have been denied US visa, my only daughter of eight years has been crying and refuse to eat.

I promised her that she will go and visit my sister children this coming break which they use to speaks on phone every week.

But it was so unfortunate that we were denied visa to the US even as a family and immediately I told her that we were not granted the visa, she started crying and weeping seriously.

All what she is saying is I want to go and see (so so boy). Even in the middle of the night she wake me up and mentioned that name.

I noticed she has told some of her friends in school that she will soon go and visit my Sister in American, because some of them use to travel to US and UK too.

I have promise her that I will take her to US, and I think I have failed her with my promise.

Pls What Can I Do To Please Her So That She Will Not Crying Again.

Kindly assist because I don’t want her to sick and kill her moral in the school so that she will not look inferior from her friend in school.

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