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My Village Love Episode 15

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💋 My village love 💋
♥ (Expensive love). ♥
Episode 15.

Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr.

Daniel later flat on the bed after enjoying the delicious noodles Ekaette prepared.

Later Ekaette after taking her bath join him too on the bed.

“My hero, thank you for today “she said and smiled

“I will do anything for you my queen “he said caressing her hairs.

Ekaette climbed the bed to lie with him.

“Please off the lights it’s disturbing my sleep “Daniel lied.

He has been thinking of the possible way to start the movement but he didn’t know what to do that’s why he put the light as an excuse.

Ekaette stood up and switched off the lights ,the room became dark.

Daniel stood up from the bed and stood at one corner.

Ekaette came back to sleep on the bed, she couldn’t feel Daniel’s presence again.

“Where are you hero? Ekaette asked feeling a little scared.

Daniel kept quiet for a while thus increasing the fear in her.

“Where are you? she shouted ,she stood up to go and switch on the lights again.

“Don’t on the lights, I’m here come and caught me”

Ekaette due to the fact that she wasn’t familiar ,she stumbled in the process of searching for Daniel.

Daniel was so so fast even in the dark room to caught her on the waist.

They fall on the bed together in a way Daniel was on top of her.

“When last did I kiss you? he asked

“Not long ago”she replied feeling the urges in Daniel’s system.

“Can I?

“Yes you are free”

Daniel found his way to her lips, he lock his lip with her own and they devour each other tongue in a hot kiss.

Daniel system was vibrating for more than that,even Ekaette too prayed that she make the move.

Ekaette was wet deep down. Daniel traced his hands down to her gown and unzip it down, exposing her fully standing erected nipples.

He break up from the kiss and lick his tongue on her nipples sucking it real hard making Ekaette to moan in pleasure.

His hard erecting dick was already out of control.

“Please come in now I need you in me now”ekaette said

in a swift he unzip his trousers revealing the hard danger, he went in to her and she screamed holding the bed sheet tight.

He continued thrusting in and out of her. her moans was feeling the whole room.

In less than 30 minutes he cum inside of her and they laid feeling exhausted facing each other.

“I love you dear “he said and peck her on the forehead.

“I love you more,
To be continued

Story Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr

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