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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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Connected Chapter 16 finale

16 min read



Chapter 16


Kate POV

I was so sad. I mean giving the devil a soul that he doesn’t deserve is so sicken. Hey are okay? Kelvin asked and I nodded.

Can you make me forget it happened and my sister was the cause for some reason? I asked.

I don’t think I wanna do that. Sometimes you just have to accept things happen and live with it. He said and I was getting annoy already. I

don’t think it’s the best time to say that.. I said and he smile. Come , he said putting me into a tight hug.

I think I need that. I said and he chuckled. I love you and don’t wanna see you sad, he said. Its okay. Its just one defeat anyway, I said. You know we make a perfect team.

Even though I’m not supposed to meddle in your fight but I feel like I’m breaking the rules lately, he said snapping his finger and Medusa was before me with Pegasus.

But how? Pegasus? Oh mine. You’re so. I mean you’re so cute. I said and he smile. Wanna take a ride? He asked and I nodded. How is this even possible?

I saw her remains vanish in the thine air. I said. Pegasus is waiting patiently babe. I think you need to get on her first will tell you when we’re in the sky.

He said. Okay…. I said climbing on her back. Her fur is just so cute and pinky.

Kelvin sat behind me. Pegasus flew with us in the sky. Tell me, I said. I had this flash back which took me back many years ago.

I always wonder why I came for on earth and the timing. Your presence brought me here and I wanted to know why. I mean I don’t have a dealing with you.

That’s what I thought but I was wrong. I do have a connection with you. Turns out you were my world and Maggie tear us apart because she was jealous it wasn’t her and Lucifer.

She decided to take us apart and because she was confused, she give you the potion of no love with the help of your mom and others witch including Lucifer, I was banned from your realm.

You was given a potion to forget me so was I. I found out Jay threaghten Maggie to used her against you so I had the perfect plan. Besides you knowing some mythology or whatever its… I

learned that Pegasus was borned from Medusa blood so I decided to track the rare creature. We rub Pegasus blood on Medusa making it impossible to kill her but she will pretend to be dead because of Maggie plan against her. He said and I felt broken but manage to wipe my tears.

That so sweet of you… I said smiling and he wipe my face. I’m happy you’re happy. I can’t imagine what you was going to do when she was gonna be dead for real.

He said and I chuckled. I guess I was gonna turn hell into hell. I said. Is that a real thing or Kate thing? He asked. I just smile again. He’s being all sweet and cute and lovely.

I love you, he said. I love you too Kel. I said. Hey there Pegasus… I’m so glad you have your mommy. I’m also sorry she almost died because of me. I said and the beautiful horse wooo..

Maggie POV

I was sitting in my room when I sense Jay presence. He appeared in his full Lucifer form. Hi my dear be lovely wifey. I think we should get marry.. How about now huh? He asked. I hate you.

You disgust me, I said. Tititi he said clicking his tongue. That’s not what that little heart of yours proofing.

Its beating so fast because of me. I know you love me babe, he said. I look away. Job well done love he said blowing me kiss.

He vanish and came in Kate. I got frightened. Don’t you think you owe me an explanation? She asked.. I don’t think I do. Come on have a seat.

I have already killed the witch Medusa. This called for a celebration… I said. Her Aris turn red. That explains one thing. She’s angry.

She slap me hard in the face. My whole life have be revolved around you. I risk my life for you countless times.

I suffered on many occasions to see you happy. I lost so many lives for your happiness. You’re just one selfish psychopath bitch jealous envy piece of shit.

How dare you do that to me after everything I have sacrificed for you huh? You knew he was my own source of happiness and you didn’t mind snipping it away from me in a day because you’re jealous and selfish.

Everything should be for you only. How dare huh? She asked with tears in her eyes. Kate I’m so sorry. I swear I regret doing it. Oh you do? Nah I don’t think you do.

Because if you do, you was going to tell me from the very beginning. How many decades has passed huh? I don’t wanna see your little witchy twitchy face again in my life

. If you dare stand in my way to kill any demons to win souls for the devil, I don’t know what I will do to you, she said casting a strengging spell on me. She disappeared.

I couldn’t breathe. I summoned jay and the first thing he could do was laugh.. Let me guess. Kate is alive… he said removing the spell.

Not just alive. She might as well kill you when she sees you.. I said and he chuckled. You still don’t know who I’m. He said sitting down.

Oh I know who you’re and also your dad. She won your dad in a fright and almost kill him if not because of me you both should be dead by now… I said.. He chuckled.

Its about hard time you keep quiet before I kill you.. Whatever… do you think I care about that? I mean look at where my love for you has ended me.

I took everything away from the only person who truly love and care about me. Its so shocking to hear you say that. How about you kill me one time huh? I asked blinking a tears outta my eyes.

That will be so fast. I don’t want you dead now.. So keep quiet or I might do something worst then death. I don’t see reason killing a original witch who still has many lives span.he asked vanishing. Now I’m alone in this world. Dad hates me as much as kate including Rikki..

Speaking about dads.. Edward was also part of this mess. My whole life has been a mess lately. Don’t know a man will be this wicked to his wife for many years.

And here I thought he loves me so much. He even had a great plan for me coming here. I’m so sick and I think I need to pay mom a visit. I guess she’s the only one who care for me now…

Kelvin POV

Kate look sad. I try comforting her but to no avail. I realize how she loves heaven. I have a surprise for you, I said blindfolding her.

She giggle like a kid. I carry her up . my room to be preside. I remove the blindfold and she wow. Is this real? She asked. Ofcouse it’s.

She smile and look me in the eyes. I held her waist romantically and could feel the shiver from her skin. She smile. I reach for her lips and slowly suck every part of it .

She responded to my touch… she begin to let out a moan. Her hands slip under my shirt and she pour it off my pure skin.

Kate POV

I slide his shirt off. This kiss is one of a kind. I already feel wet down there. I feel like today is the day after all those century. He look in my eyes with so much lust and love as well.

He remove my blouse. Are you show you want this? He whisper. I have never been show of anything I reply him. He smiled.

He gently laid me on the bed and begin to kiss all over my face. I love you… he whisper and I smile. I love you too babe, I reply him. Now we’re together nobody can’t separate us, he said.

He slide my undercloth from on me and throw it on the floor. He smile and got me wondering when I saw his gaze down my private part.

I was wondering why.. Stop wondering babe, he said. He went down and bend his face down.. I expected him to slide his d**k instead but it was his tongue.

It was like I was in heaven.. I know I’m in heaven but literally heaven…

Gosh what I you doing…… I ask screaming as the same time moaning. Making you to feel life bave, he replied. This is so wonderful .

I pressed my feet around his neck tightly and held the bedsheets. Just then the door fling open and Kelvin cause darkness and close the door with his power.

That was my mom he said not moving from his position. What???!!! I guess she saw my nude… I said. I don’t think so but I guess he said.

I have already get my second orgasm. He got his face from between my legs and give me a red candy. My favorite. I begin to lick it without noticing he slide inside me.

Before I could scream he took away half the pain there. Much better he said. I just nodded in ecstasy. He begin to ride me while I scream my lungs out this is literally the best thing that happened to me.

About fifteen minutes he pull our as we both reach our orgasm. I smile. He got up and went to his shirt. What are you doing? I asked him.

He ignored my question and I felt some how bad. I mean why ignore me just after having sex. He went to the bathroom and shower.

I felt broken. He came back and still maintain a strict face. Can you please talk to me? I asked still on the bed with the bedsheets wrapped around me.

Different thoughts came on my mind. How could I been this foolish. You can stop with all those bad thoughts babe. I love you so much.

You see I’m just thinking about how to do this. Will you marry me? I know its still soon but who cares? I wanna be the father of your unborn children.

Well our unborn children. I wanna be the man who will always be with you. He asked kneeling down. Here I was thinking he’s coming to dump me.

Why will I even think about that. I blink a tears outta my eyes. Yes… yes I will marry you, I said happily. He smile and slide the ring on my finger. He got up and kiss me. I responded to it.

We both redrew and he took me in the bathroom room and help me shower.

Fast forward

Here I’m in front his mom. The goddess who might likely seen my nudes. I’m sorry goddess.. I know you saw my nude, I said bowing my head while Kelvin chuckled.

I didn’t see anything she said. Really? I asked lifting my head up. I saw everything she said. What? Maybe between you,me and your breasts can presuade him for staying into the heaven for sometime, she said and I was like what?

Oh I saw your breast… she said. Don’t mind my mom,he whisper in my ears chucking. I bite my lower lip. Just then Jason comes in.

He was in his angel form.We have a problem.and when i say, “problem”,i mean global crisis.. He said. What is it? His mother asked. Lilith is it… oh I forget to add. The devil himself added to it.. He said and we all what together.

Why now? And Lilith? That’s indeed global crisis… I said. Mom we can’t stay, Kelvin said. I know and I’m coming. How dare Adams wife show her face, Kelvin mom said. She doesn’t show up unless. Unless you kill her kids which I did years back.

The succubus and the incubus.. The succubus is a female demon believe to have sexual intercourse with sleeping. The same for the incubus. Its the male counterpart.

It was said that in Genesis1:2 implies that she was made from the same soil as Adam while Eve were made from his ribs. But I doubt that. According to mythologies, she never wanted to be controlled by God or Adam so she left Adam and the perfection of Eden. Three angels tried in vain to force her to return.

Her demonic off springs were sired by an fallen archangel name Samael not Adams. She’s the devourer of child. I said and his mom look at me.

You’re so good, she said. I chuckle. We need to get down, Kelvin said. Yeah, we need an army.. His mother said. Go ahead and I will bring an army of angels she said and we nodded.

I will go for my own army too. I said and he nodded.
I left the area and went to my realm. Seems you guys are already prepared to go earth… I said because they were already prepared.

We’re almost like the guardian for earth so we can’t allow anything happens to it, they all shouted. My mother and Maggie look at me and I diverted my gaze from on them .

This is what we been waiting for… this is what we all plan and train for. Today is the day we all seal hell. The angels will assist us. I shouted and the warlocks and witches scream with so much happiness.

I’m proud of you babe… my dad said and I smile. Thanks dad, I said and he hug me. We all teleported to the human world. I was so amazed to see human fighting the devil and his group with their physical weapons.

I charm all of them to join my team so they can’t cause chaos. Just then a bright light stroke the sky and all the angels came down.

Lilith notice me among the group and chuckled. I was more focus on the devil when she decided to strick me unknowingly.

To her utmost surprise Kelvin block it. You have to pick on someone your size he said. I guess she mine size she replied and I throw sign to Kelvin and he understood it perfectly.

I left Lucifer and his dad for Kelvin while I focus on Lilith. Nice meeting you Kate. She said smiling. Same here goddess Lilith.. I said smiling too.

You took away my two kids. Now I’m gonna take you she said. Okay… but I wanna see how you do that, I said .. She sent her powers and I doge it and it hit one of their followers.

I could used you to kill them all you know, I said and she chuckled. You look horrible and chuckling doesn’t suit you either, I said.

I send my powers and she destroyed it instead of dogeing it. Impressive I said. You’re just a little witch how dare you think you can fight with me? She asked.

I don’t know… I struggled. I begin to chant and unknown to her I hit her in the chest making her angry.

Okay enough she said sending her powers and it hit me. I cough out blood. I turn only to see Kelvin mouth bloody.

You did a life contract? I asked and he just nodded. Why? I asked him. cause I can’t still without you he said holding me since he’s stronger then me.

That was one of the silliest thing I have ever heard I said chuckling. He try healing me. Hey… is okay.. I’m fine. I can die in peace. I mean I had my very first sex and I have live over thousands of years.

He look at me. Do you even realize that when you die I’m going alone with you? He asked. Yeah I do. That’s why I used my last power to break the life contract I said closing my eyes.

Writer POV

Kelvin got so angry and piss. Why will she do such thing? He turn looking at Lilith. Oh oh… did I kill your little witch? She asked.

You’re going with her now Kelvin said using almost all his powers into Lilith without her consent.

She didn’t know when he strick her dead. He was so weak and fall in front of Kate. Meanwhile the devil mean target was Maggie and Kate since he notice Kate was still breathing..

He was about to strick Kate again when Maggie jump before it making him to strick her instead. No…..!!!!!!!!!! Jay said angrily as he strick his father dead.

Maggie turn Kate way. This is for you sis. Hope you forgive me where ever you are. I love you so much and I’m so sorry for hurting you in the past she said dropping.

No no babe. You can’t died. I love you so much Maggie. I’m sorry that I hurt you to protect you. I couldn’t allow him take you away from me please wake up.. Jay said using his morning light to heal her but no way.

Meanwhile Jason saw how hurtful his brother was and he couldn’t stand it. He rather die then see his brother in that stage. He pull all his powers to revive Kate and give up the ghost.

Kelvin just couldn’t believe it. How could Jason be that foolish? He was happy and sad at the same time. Kate got up and rush to Maggie side.

I’m sorry for turning my back on you sis. I’m so sorry please wake up.. Kate said crying. I have forgiven you now wake up please she said to Maggie body.

A blink of tears drop off her eyes and touch Maggie skin and
She begin to breath.

Omg. I can’t believe this Kate said hugging Maggie. Jay left the scene since he couldn’t face her.

Kate forgive her mother and sister and they all went home. The great war was over. Now the earth is free.

Kate got pregnant for Kelvin and give birth to twin.
Natasha and Princess

Fast forward

Months later…

I’m so glad all is over. We had a great fight and I’m glad you stood by me Kate said on the isle to Kelvin. Beside it being the prophesy, that’s how much I love you, he said to her…

I believe the bride and groom have chosen to write their own vows Alex said since he posted as the pastor..we haven’t… Kate and Kelvin said. well Just wing it.go. Alex said.

I love you so much and I can’t even express that.. Kelvin said bringing rainbow and white birds from the sky with a green garden. You see how the birds love the flowers? That’s how much I love you.

Umm you’re my oxygen and I just can’t live without you in my boring world he said and she chuckled with a blink of tears in her eyes. I don’t know how to express mine love for you.

Imagine a witch and a angel love story. Isn’t it a fairytale? You fought for me and I love you so much for just that . you’re the air that I take in. Kelvin my life is incomplete without you in it.

I love you so much, she said. added.. Kate smile as their little ones carry their rings to them. They are so adorable Alex said.

Can you concentrate on the program going on here? Kelivin asked him. Of course dude. I know you can’t wait. Alex added. They both slide the rings on. I now declare you both husband and wife, Alex said.

You can now kiss the bride, he added. Kelvin look at Kate and tucked her hair behind her ear. He drew closer to her as she slowly close her eyes. He slowly put his lips against hers and kiss her passionate. The two lovers lips intertwined and dance slowly to the melody.

She throw her banquets and Maggie grab it and Kate smile. Maggie was smiling when she saw Jay in front of her. She try dodging him but he block her way.

Listen to me Maggie. I know no amount of sorrys can amout of the things that I did to you and your family and the entire world. I behaved selfish with you knowing all that you went through to save me.

I couldn’t tell you that my dad threaghten to kill you. I love you so much that I couldn’t even think about losing you. That thought alone was killing me.

I can get rid of the whole world to be with you. I tell you if I was to do that again I will make that same decision over. I didn’t regret doing what I did but I’m sorry for that because it ruin you.

I never wanted to seen you hurt but I hurt you Mag. Everyone deserves a second chance but if you don’t give me any, I will respect your decision Mag.

Will you marry me? Jay pop the question to Maggie. She blink a tears. She can’t deny that she love him so much after all that transpire between them. I guess love has it times of trial but love always prevailed.

No matter what a love one does you always forgive them that’s how much you love them Maggie said smiling. Does that mean you agree already? He asked smiling.

Ofcouse she do, Rikki said. Now hurry the Fuck up and agree my dam babe is on his way, Rikki said in pains. Alex!!! Rikki shouted.

I’m here babe, he said touching her head. He enter into it and compelled her pains .. Yes I will marry you, Maggie said and Jay slide the ring on her finger. Shall we? Alex asked Rikki. Yeah we can go now, she said and he super speed her in the hospital and she give birth to a boy.

They all live happily…

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