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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 14

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Episode 14

Chika: abegi wear your short, as if say you fit use wetin you carry.

Me: after the world war one, you go know.

Chika: hiaa! na fight.

Me: you too dey make mouth.

I removed my shirt, luckily she didn’t wear any bra. Her br*asts is round and small with n*pples forming a ball on the innocent fabric, she isn’t tall. Her height will be about my neck, her big nyash isn’t of her size. She wore a short skirt that stopped just before her kneel.

Chika: I nodey in the mood.

Me: I go put you in the mood.

The veins in my d*ck were just forming thunder lines all over it, I came closer and she shifted back staring at my d*ck.
I held her by the waist and started kissing all over her face down to her neck, I grabbed her bumbum and press hard.

Chika: I no wan do, stop na.

Me: you dey try me since.

Chika: sas you dey mount pressure as if say you go fit do anything.

With force, her skirt and her p*nt together were dragged to her legs, she was surprised.
I helped her with the singlet she wore, I cupped her br*asts and started s*cking the br*asts like someone that his throat have dry and luckily bought cold pure water with his last card.

I make sure I s*cked out milk from her br*asts, she was just m*aning and rubbing my head.
I carried her and dropped on the bed, spread her legs and positioned myself, I rubbed my d*ck on her opening and pushed it in, she shifted and I missed the thr*st.

Chika: aaahh! Em no go end.

Me: shut up!

I spit on my palm and grease her p*ssy opening with it, held in place and held my d*ck with my hand and gave her a powerful thr*st, she shifted up.

Chika: aaahhh! Small small.

Me: for where?

I held her shoulder and started b*nging her h*rd, my waist was just moving open and down.
She was giving me lots of tones to the reggae we are dancing, my waist started aching with the force I was using. My no die on top toto.

I got up and turned her over, hold her waist and lifted it up. She got the message and placed her two hands on the bed, I stood at the edge of the bed and spanked her big nyash.

Chika: asshh!

Me: I go show you today.

I spread her *ss cheeks and positioned myself between her legs and held my d*ck, I pressed it hard on her opening and forced myself in.
Our body sweaty as I started another round of hot banging.

Chika: asshh! Aaahh!! You wan kill me.

Me: I no fit handle you na, aaahhh!

She tried to crawl away, I held her waist and gave it to her hotter. She grabbed the bedsheet and started wiggling on the bed.
I grabbed her br*asts from behind, and started moving my waist back and front.

Voice: Victor, no kill person pikin oh.

I heard from outside, I paused.


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