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My Village Love Episode 5

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💋 My village love 💋
♥ (Expensive love ) ♥
Episode 5.

Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr.



Daniel heard her shout and rushed out to see what happened. he came out and saw that she was about to hit the phone too.

“Hey,stop it!! He shouted which made her to stop in the process.

“Witch came inside your house, I decided to stop them but there you are asking me to stop”

Daniel smiled hearing that she called his mobile phone witch because of the beeping light.

Back to the village where Ekaette came from. they were all expecting her return even at the late hour of the night wondering what could have made her not to return or could she be in trouble?

Sleep finally took over her mom who finally slept off.

#Next day.

It was already morning, she woke up feeling weak. she yawned and stretched her body a little before stepping out of the bed.

Daniel woke up too not too long and he helped her in some things and teaching her the way to use it. even when he knew that she was going back that morning, but he has to do it because one day she might need to use this things.

Daniel kept stealing glances at her which she noticed and pretend as of she saw nothing.
They were still eating in the dinning eating breakfast. the silence was too much, only the sound of the spoon and plates was heard.

She observed Daniel from the corner oh her eyes and saw him staring at her without eating his food.

“What’s it? she finally broke the silence

Meanwhile Daniel was busy staring at her pink lips which she noticed. instead of him to reply her, he lend closer to her and planted a pleasurable kiss on her lips which she did not refuse but reciprocate to the kiss. The tension was so hot and Daniel felt like not letting her go again.

They continue kissing for what seems like eternity even when they don’t know each other very well. she finally broke up from the kiss.
She enjoyed it but she was so shy to admit it.

They finally round off the breakfast.

It was 7:45am and the streets was already busy. they stepped out of the house and Daniel locked the door heading to his car with Ekaette following him. she now knows what a car is and she is not afraid of it again.
They enter and Daniel set the car in motion.


People were outside in the early morning of the day expecting Ekaette return especially someone like her mom who had not rest since she left.

Just as they were expecting, they sighted Daniel’s car from afar. they jump up knowing fully well that she’s the one coming.

She stepped out of the car and people rushed to hug her for her return especially her mom. her long black was like that of a goddess which added to her beauty.

After telling the story of how her journey was and how serious the people were to the whole village, she handed them the money which was more than a surprise to them.

“I should be on my way now, I have to attend to some things in my office” Daniel announced his leave and stood up heading to his car. he entered it and was to set the car on motion. Ekaette knock softly on the car window which he whined it down.

“I just wanted to say bye bye and thank you for everything “she smiled and flash him a smiled which was more like a smile of a goddess and Daniel smiled back.

He looked at her retrieving figure untill she was out of sight.he drove off.

30 minutes and he is already feeling like staying with her for the rest of his life because of her funny character. he didn’t know the time be drove into the speed lane on the highway which another driver keep blowing his horn. he didn’t hear it because his mind was thinking of Ekaette.

“Get out of the way idiot ” the other driver said to him after overtaking him which he realized that he was on the speed lane.
He drove to his company directly, park the car and head out to his office but the face of the pretty goddess kept displaying in his memory which he found it difficult to concentrate. The worst part of it is that he didn’t even asked her whether she has a phone.

After work that day, he decided to go back to the village and visit Ekaette.
everyone were surprised to see him in the village alone, they thought he was to come back with his men. or is he here to take back the money? they asked themselves thus generating fear among them which he noticed.

He stepped out of the car and walked towards them.

“I forgot my wrist watch, please did any of you saw it? he lied

“What Is wrist watch? they all asked this making him to remember they are not exposed to such things .All this while he had been stretching his neck whether she will see Ekaette coming because she was not there but all his efforts was fruitless.

He hop into his car and zoom off.

To be continued.

Guess what’s happening to Daniel?


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