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My Village Love Episode 4

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💋 My village love 💋
♥ (Expensive love )♥

Episode 4.

Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr.



The were still in the process when the door to his office flung open which startled them.

Emma who opened the door also couldn’t believe his eyes that his colleague is kissing a total stranger without understanding the situation that he went through.

Emma finally delivered his message telling Daniel that the manager wants to see him with the girl in his office.

“Is it a bad thing to kiss? she asked Daniel when Emma had finally gone out. Daniel scratched his head to n frustration thinking whether to tell her the truth or not.

“Let’s go, the manager wants the both of us ” Daniel finally said breaking the silence that enveloped the room.

The manager was waiting for them in his office, as expected Daniel and Ekaette walk in majestically as if they had known each other for a while.

The manager couldn’t get his eyes off Ekaette because she was what is described as beauty itself.

They sat down in the office though Ekaette was kind of uncomfortable due to the active air condition (AC) in the the office.

“Lady, you are welcome to our company. he said stretching his for a handshake which she reluctantly received.

She was really briefed by the manager the essence of her journey, and what they will do at last to their village at last which she nodded her head and promise to get back to their people.

The manager opened his drawer and handed her #500,000 naira to take it back to the village as the prove that they are serious about the business.

“You may go, that’s all for now” he said

“Thank you ” she replied

They opened the door out heading back to Daniel office again. she was getting along with the life and explanations in the city and that alone made Daniel to be wow at her.

The whole day was wonderful one in the office for Daniel and his visitor. It was time to close for the day which Daniel announced to her and they all left the building heading to his car. on getting there he saw Emma also coming close so he wait so as to do proper introduction.

“Meet Emmanuel Johnson my colleague “he said to her

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Ekaette by name ” She replied stretching her hand to him and Daniel was more than surprise to see that or is there any other thing she has in mind?

They finally left the company after which the security lights was turn on because it was night already.


They got to Daniel residence and they stepped down. Daniel locked the door and lead the way which he surely know that she was going to ask her many questions. and it was as he guessed.

“Do you really here all alone? he broke the silence.

“Yeah I’m living alone “He replied and open the door for her to enter

“Welcome to my world dear, feel free ”

She was surprised with what she saw the house was so big with many rooms in it and even the drawings and painting in the wall.
Daniel offered her a sit in the parlour after which he gave her juice to quench her throat.

He picked up the remote and turned it onn. she was startled which made her to adjust.

“But you said earlier that you are living alone, then who are these people that are looking at me “she said pointing her hand the the TV screen.

Daniel smiled at the question knowing fully well she knows not what a television means. He explained everything to her which she later calmed down.

“I will be right back, let me have s quick shower. feel at home “he said and left.

She was still there watching the TV when the scene where two men fought with each other she was afraid

“Stop fighting na” she shouted at the them.

Seeing that they didn’t listen but rather made the fight to be worse. she was angry.

The white man in the TV finally shot the black man dead which she got up instantly after seeing what happened.
She looked around the room to see any weapon he can use to fight back the white man.

She finally found a rod behind the door, she took it and stood before the TV screen looking deeply at it ready to perform.

“Why did you killed him? she asked nobody in particular looking furiously at the TV. she got no response which irritated her.

“I said why did you kill him? she asked again meanehile the man in the TV was busy conversing with another man.

“As you kill your brother, just get ready to die she said and hit the TV real hard on the screen thinking that it’s the man he killed too. the TV screen broke and shattered on the floor thereby creating another smell resulting from the electric spark ✨ in the TV.

Daniel finally came out, wearing only singlet and a pair of boxer.he inhale the unpleasant smell which he didn’t know where it came from.

“Oh my goodness, my TV. ahhh am dead”

“They were fighting, so the other man killed his brother. I asked him why he did that and he said nothing so I decided to hit him too. I think he is dead by now”she defended.

“No Ekaette, what you saw there was not real. it’s just to entertain you” he lamented.

He finally sweep the place that the thing scattered and make it look nice again. he exhaled deeply knowing that he had brought trouble into his house and more things will befall him.

He left his phone on the table.

Ekaette sat there, due to the fact that all the energy bulb were turned off and the room became a little bit dark.

A message entered Daniel phone, and the green alert light came on blinking there and then.

Seeing that she stood up started shouting, jumping up and down trying to escape from the phone.

To be continued

Guess what will she called s mobile phone this time around?

Stay tuned for the next episode and see how much trouble began to fall on Daniel like rain.

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