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Connected Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


7 months later

🌹Kate pov🌹

Mom I’m sorry but you can’t shut me out forever, I said. You should have stopped her. At least that’s what big sister does. My mom said. I know mom but I tired. I couldn’t stop her or make her change her mind.

If there’s one thing that I have learned from Maggie is to love. Though I don’t think I get that part good. So lame. And I can tell you that she really loves him. Well that’s depends on your definition of love which of course you know nothing about. We are discussing the devil favorite son being link with your sister.

He doesn’t love peace. And for one point her efforts might goes to waste. Did you even realized the after effect? Wait is there something you’re not telling me Kate? My mom asked.

Umm. Yeahn actually Maggie want me to connect her with Lucifer at age 18. She also want me to restore her memory and give her powers back. I said. What!!! And you agreed to that? I mean do you know it might cause your life? Mom asked.

Yeah mom. I know that but she’s my little sister and her happiness matter to me. I’m unable to get a love life but she has and I’m willing to help her connect with him even if it means losing my life though I haven’t thought in that direction. I said.

Oh poor Kate. Come here, I didn’t know you was going through all that and I’m sorry if I didn’t made things easy for you. I’m so sorry honey. She said hugging me. Its okay, I said sniffing.

Umm I will be visiting the mortal realm today to see Maggie carrier. You know she’s quite healthy and her belly is huge. She made me remembered when you was pregnant for Maggie for the …umm second time. I said.

No honey. It was the fifth time when I had a big belly my mom said chuckling. Yeah, the fifth time. That reminds me. She has three more lives span while you have one. Mom said and I drop my head.

Yeah mom. I guess that’s fate. I had the opportunity of 12 lives span and I’m grateful. Besides I’m the oldest sister and its only right that I go before her. You know she’s super cute with the blonde hair. I said chuckling.

Yeah honey, I know mom said kissing my face. Okay mom , stop being a drama queen. Do you know that I can see Maggie? I mean the fetus, I said.

What!? Calm down mom. I said trying to calm her down. I just missed her and that’s a tiring spell. It draws enough of my energy, so I don’t do it often.
But I’m going to try it today because you’re here. I said smiling. Babe,its risky and you’re on your lad life and I don’t wanna lose you because your sister will be in the mortal realm and I will be all alone mom said.

Its not as if dad is dead or something. Mom I’m not dying. Not one spell. You know that I had to sacrifice my life for the others to live. I mean a spell can’t kill me when I’m literally Maggie guidine witch or whatever its called. I said.

Oh my beautiful and brave daughter. Mom said caressing my face. You know that I love you right ? She asked. Yeah mom and I love you too. I said. Maybe you will like a trip to the mortal realm to visit your beautiful babe girl. I said. Sure why not? She asked and I smiled.

💐 Edward pov💐

Babe hurry up. We are running late for your appointment. I told Vero. It was so hard to tell Lizzy to move on. Though she still doesn’t get the whole moving on thing. She still want us to have a thing going on but I can’t cheat on my wife again.

Not this time. Hey I’m ready,she said smiling. I love you she said kissing my lips. You’re hot. I said and she giggle. Jenna call and she said she will arrive today and Rikki want a covey to pick her up. I know she’s literally the cutest kid I have ever seen and to top it up she’s so sweet. Vero said.

Sure,I said opening the door of the car and she hop in. I put her seatbelt around her and kiss her cheeks.

I can’t believe that I almost leave the woman who I spend ten years of my life with. That beautiful girl from college. I can’t believe that I almost ruin it. The passed one year had been difficult and I was turning her into different person.

I’m glad we are Okay before that could even happened.


🌹 Kate pov🌹

(Manus fiat operatio in mortalibus) to the mortal realm3×. I casted a spell. I just hate coming here. Mom said sighing. Mom we have to look like human. I mean we have to dress like them I said.

Sure,but we can still be invisible. Mom said. I know mom but you act like a mundane when you’re around mundanes. Okay, I know.( Panno mihi) cloth me, mom said and we look just like mundanes.

Yeah I know my mom said. Oh you look hot in those jeans. Mom added. I just smiled and held her hand as I stop a cab. We headed to the hospital veronica was taking treatment from. Well you adapt their ways of living pretty well. You know we could teleport ourselves in the hospital right? Mom asked.

Yeah but we will end up scaring them. I said. That’s the thing of mortal. They’re just scared and failed to understand that people like us exist. They don’t know we’re the keeper of their own world. They are just… Humans I said cutting her up.

Yeah they dispised our kind. You know if they happened to find out about your sister one of these days,they might kill her. Yeah they might ,but that is if they have the ability to mom.

Seems like you’re reading your book pretty well she said. Yeah I have to protect my sister. I bet you used a spell on the fetus? She asked. Well just a little mom. Spill it out kate. She said calling my name.

Well I literally casted a protection spell on her mom. I mean it was dangerous of me messing with nature and it was a tiny winy possibility or possibilities of danger like miscarriage,death,madness etcetera etcetera. I said taking in a deep breath.

What? Mom said. Mom they are looking at you. I said pointing at the people in the hospital. Okay but we will end this discussion in our world,she said whispering to me and I nodded. Don’t tell me you’re going to turn me into a pig again. I whisper back.

Well something more suitable she said. Okay,I said. We stood at the window of the room Maggie carrier was having her checkup. I think the invisible spell will be useful here. Mom said and I agree with her.

(Iinvisibilitas) invisibility mom chanted. Now,mom said. Yeah i said. Aww, watch it stupid nurse, mom said. You know she can’t hear or see you. I said.
That’s one reason I don’t do invisible spell here. I added. Yeah,they will just passed inside you. She said and I chuckled.

Mom doesn’t just love mortals and I don’t know why.
(Cum sequelis ad fetum et ostend) 3× fetus,and show me.I chanted and there she was. So beautiful and cute. I chuckled when I saw how she was kicking. Her little fingers. Aww mom look how she’s licking those. I said turning to look at mom.

Her iris change. I know she’s sad. Mom? I said calling her. She’s so cute just like when she was reborn for the fifth time. Yeah I remembered that mom. She’s…. I don’t know lets get out of here,she said sniffing.

Is okay mom. Its okay to missed her. Its okay to missed carrying her magically in your womb with your magic beautifying her. I know babe. It just like she’s more happy in her womb.

You saw how she was playing with that little finger ? It like she prefers her as her carrier.

She’s… Mom you’re wonderful. You’re the best mom. Maggie is comfortable in her womb because of you mom. You give birth to me. You give me life and magic and I make her save mom. You see, you’re the one that make it possible. Without you,this was never going to be possible.

You’re special and unique in your own way. You might not do it physically but you did it. There is nobody special ,sweet and unique like you’re. I love you. I said hugging her. And y
They say I’m the dramatic one. But aww that was the best speech I have ever geared throughout my life. She said. I will take that as a compliment. I said. Wait,is that even a compliment? I asked.

Yeah,I guess its.she said. Okay,its just too much for me to handle she said. Okay,I will give you the honor of teleporting us back,I said and she chuckled.
(Dimortales realm) immortal realm mom said and we were in our coven.


All right reserved©
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