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Connected Chapter 3

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Chapter three

One week later


💞Veronica pov💞

Vero, you need to go to the hospital, Jenna said for the tenth times. I’m fine. I guess it was the icing I ate. It was just too much. I added. Okay but at least you should go for a checkup to know the cause.

We have to know what going on with you before we get on that plane. Jenna said. Fine, you don’t have to take the position of mom by being a drama queen. I said and she smiled.

I took my bag and we went outside. I’m driving, she said and I just nodded. Fine,you win. I said and she smile. She drove at the hospital and we walk straight to the doctor office.

The doctor run some test and he ask me to wait for a bit . Jenna we might missed our flight. Why don’t we go and when we’re back, I will pick it up? I asked her. No can’t do. We’re waiting,she said and I roll my eyes.

Whatever, she said and we both took our seat and waited for the doctor. After what look like four hours though it was just 30 minutes, the doctor came out with an envelope.
Congratulations Mrs David’s,you’re a week pregnant. The doctor said. What!! You’re. I mean you’re kidding right? I asked him with a blink of tears dropping off my eyes.

You’re a week pregnant,he said repeating himself. But that’s impossible, I said. Well if you were going to come to me one month ago, I will say yes but unfortunately you’re pregnant,he said.

Jenna,did you hear that? Oh my God. I can’t believe it. Tell me I’m day dreaming. Tell me I’m dreaming Jenna, I said with so much excitement in my voice.

Jenna just hug me with tears in her eyes. I think that tears of joy, I said and she chuckled. Yeah that’s tears of joy she said laughing.

So you’re going to get Edward back right? I mean he’s the father and he will so much love to hear that,she said and I nodded.

I took my phone from the bag and dail his number. Hey. He said. Hi, I answer him. How are you? He asked.

I’m ok, I guess. I said and he chuckled over the phone.

You’re sounding tensed, he said. Well I’m tensed, I mean…umm can we meet? Like have dinner tonight?I’m hot, I said chuckling. Sure you’re,he said. Okay,umm I will prepare dinner at our house. I mean your house.. I said sounding nervous.

Okay, he said and I hung up. I held my phone close to my heart. That was… Hilarious, Jenna said. Well I was looking for something more suitable than hilarious, I said.

I said hilarious because of the way you was behaving. Like some freak,she said and I chuckled.

You know, I feel nervous and this whole pregnancy thing is freaking me out. Can you imagine I told him I’m not? Gosh he might think I’m a freak. I mean I’m tensed right now. Is this some kind of pregnancy thing? I asked Jenna. No, I guess that’s your thing and you’re doing just right. You’re just nervous but trust me You’re doing pretty good.

After a very long sex with Eddie boy .she said hugging me. That’s….. That’s cool sis, she said cutting me off. Cool …but it will be more cool when you stop cutting me short. I said. Okay fine,lets go I’m driving, she said smiling.

Jenna literally has the cutest smile. Okay you win, I said and we both walk out. I got in the car and she drove us home. I went in my room and change my clothes and put on the red sexy dress that Jenna bought.

I smile as I gaze at myself in the mirror. I pack my hair in a sleek ponytail. I applied a nude lipstick on my lips with a gloss to spirk it up. Thats his favorite lip gloss and lipstick.

I wore my heels . it has been long since I seen myself this sexy before. I mean with this child business, Edward stop look at me the way he used to. I stop being that girl that I used to be. I smile and walk out.

Wow,You look raw. Bet ed will just eat you without cooking you,Jenna said.
You’re just a naughty girl,I said and kiss her on the cheeks . make me proud and give him the best of sex ,she said and I chuckled while going out.

I drove at my house and look around. I bet Lizzy has already move in. I walk to his room. Looks like she hasn’t move in yet. I said to myself. Oh ,she normally spend the night over,I said looking at her undies on the floor.

Such a dirty whore, I muttered. I took her things up and pack it in order. I made up the bed and clean up. After then, I went to the kitchen and prepare dinner not after cleaning the messy kitchen.

I went on the roof top and set the table. I put a wine glass and a bottle of red French wine along with a fruit for desert.. Few minutes later, Edward came from work. Hey, he said. Hi, I said planting a kiss on his cheeks. Though he wanted to resist. I can’t believe that I’m nervous.

I mean I have spend ten years with this man and I’m nervous around him. Thanks for cleaning the house,he said and I nodded.

Umm,have a seat. I said taking his coat off with my hands shaken. Hey are you okay? He asked. Yeah I guess,I said. Okay,he said sitting down. You know,I’m scare and nervous,I said. But why? He asked.

We have been friends for ten years and for the past six months, I feel that I don’t know you. You never talked to me like this. We never sit down and have a good conversation. I said smiling.

Hey I’m sorry,he said. Fine don’t ruin the dinner,I said. I pour him a glass of wine and we ate in quiet. Look Vero, I love all what you have prepared but. Shush, don’t talk I said cutting him off. I begin to pick in the food nervously.

Can I have this dance? I asked and he chuckled. Yeah. Why not? He said and I smiled. You look beautiful in that dress. I mean you’re beautiful,he said and I smiled.

Thanks,I said placing my hands on his shoulder and he held my waist. I remembered our first date. Hey do you remembered our first date? I asked him. Yeah it was hilarious. I mean you were a horrible dancer he said and I smiled. That was ten years ago,I said.

I love you Ed, I said and he just nodded. You know, our relationship was the best. thought i don’t know what went wrong. I also know I’m not a good wife with all this child business.

Okay I know you long for child. I get it. I understand babe and thats the reason God has answer my prayers. I’m becoming a mother soon,I said and he let go of me. He gulp down spit. He smile. You’re kidding right? He asked. No. No, I’m not. I know you no longer have feelings for me but the child is yours.

I know the sex was the worst but it was great Edward. Our child is on the way. I said. He just look at me. I couldn’t read his expression. I took the doctor report from my bag. Here. Take a look, I said giving it to him. Gosh, I can’t believe this, he said spinning me around.

Thanks so much babe,he said kissing me. I’m the happiest man on earth. Yeah . yeah, me too I said smiling. This called for a celebration. Anything you want is on me. He said and I chuckled. Umm how about we come back together? I mean just like how we used to be.

I really missed the man that I married 8 years ago. I said and he smiled. Yeah. Yeah, he said lifting me up in a bridal style and carry me to our bedroom.

I love the dress he said. Thanks. I purposely wore this to attract you. I said. Yeah, and its working perfectly well. He said. He lay me down gently and planted a soft kiss on my lips making me to moan. I responded to the kiss perfectly well. He begin to kiss my neck. It was just another fantasies.


All right reserved©
Please tell me if you don’t like this story I will change it.

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