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Cold Episode 4

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💦Cold 💦

(Don’t allow me too close.)

Written by Aaliyah Anderson

Chapter four

(Don’t allow me fall again )

Arrgh, Max said running in the bathroom to puke.

This is my tenth time he said.

This is my sixth times Edward said.

But , why I feel that something is not right here? Max said.

Yeah, if the princess doesn’t know how to cook she was going to say it instead of agreeing.

Now , her first impression was bad in front of Arthur.

I which I didn’t called him out. Edward said.

But seriously, something is not right here.

The way , she behaves like she had no idea how the food turn out.


I don’t know what happened bit that wasn’t the taste.Ruby said.

End of flashback.

We are missing something here. Max said.

Yeah , first, her friend asks to the bathroom.

Did you show her? Edward asks Max.

Nope, Max said. Did you? Edward asks Jack.

No , Jack said. Did you? Edward asks Luke,

No . I did not. Luke said.

Okay, this is getting juicy, Edward said.

Her friend told her to not check on the food because she trust her cooking ability. Edward added.

And since than the princess didn’t enter the kitchen.

We all enter the kitchen but she didn’t.

Guys , enough of your chit-chat. We have a flight to catch to Santa Monica. Arthur cut in.

Okay boss, they said going in their room.

Arthur went in the bathroom to puke.

He was so weak.

Arrgh, he said throwing his lazy body on the bed.

I can’t believe I ate that. If it wasn’t for Edward who talk sorrowfully, I wasn’t going to be out.

Arthur slept unsoundly that night.

The next morning he got up and went to wake his crew up.

Get up lazy heads. We’re going Santa Monica remember? He said calm and weak.

The guys woke up and went to take their shower while Arthur went in the basement and load the guns .

Well, I don’t have the intentions to kill him but it’s better save than sorry. Arthur said .

He loaded the gun and went to take his shower.

Arrgh, I’m weak. Why this girl wanna kill me?

He said wearing his white track suit.

It’s Time guys. I want this done early and be back in Los Angeles, Arthur said.

Yeah boss , Max said.

Arthur enter his car and the crew enter their’s.

Ruby , what happened to you? Ruby dad asks.

Nothing dad. I’m just unlucky, Ruby said .

Tell me . Her dad said.

Nothing serious dad. Ruby said.

If it was not serious, you was never going to be drinking. Her dad said.

I said it’s nothing dad. She said blinking tears outta her eyes.

It’s babe. You know you can always tall to me her dad said.

Dad, just let it slide, she said picking up her bottle of Jin and head to her room.

Max like me.
Jack like me.
Luke like me.
Edward like me.
But, Arthur hate me the very moment he saw me.

He think I wanna poison him?

I mean, I didn’t do it.

But how? No of the guys dislike me.

She sigh. I know of a perfect plan she said drinking her Jin.

The plane landed in SantaMonica and the guys got down.

So , we’re heading to this freddy guy house instead of looking for Matthew? But why? Max asks.

Yes, but I hate it when you ask senseless and stupid questions. Arthur said.

But I don’t get it. Max said.

Freddy is the bait. With him we gonna catch Matthew because he’s next onthe list. Arthur said wearing his white hoodie.

Copy boss, Max said and Arthur scoff.

They drove to freddy house location.

Arthur just pointed his gun at freddy.

Stop you’re scaring him. Edward said looking at freddy who was trembling.

Arthur put his gun down.

How made I help you? Freddy asks.

You asks the wrong question. It should be how are we gonna help you. Arthur said .

What you mean? Freddy asks him.

You’re next on Matthew list .

Tell me , do you have his contact? Or does he know your location? Arthur asks.

Both Freddy reply.

Good. Arthur said.

Why are you helping me? Freddy asks.

Because I didn’t had someone to help me. Arthur said.

Just than the door burst open.

You’re on time. Arthur said to Matthew.

Who are you? Matthew asks Arthur with his gun in his hands.

I’m someone who understand your pains.

Trust me. All those people gonna hunt you.

You gonna hear their voices when you close your eyes.

It gonna be your worst nightmare ever.

I know it because I have seen it.

But I’m way stronger than you think.

But , you need a help. I know when the people you love treat you like trash.

I know how it all feels.

You née medical help and I promised you gonna be just fine.

He’s innocent and so as the people you kill.

I understand you. Those people didn’t tell you those things.

You only thought of it.

Your mind was playing trick with you.

You got traumatized when your own mama used those words on you.

You’re wrong. Everyone lovesyou. Arthur said.

Shut up. You don’t know anything about me. Matthew said blinking tears out.

I do know a lot about you.

You kill your step mama and your ex wife and your little daughter. Arthur said.

No, I didn’t do that. They betrayed my love for them.

They force me!!!!!! Matthew said shouting.

You’re wrong. You kill them with your own hands.

Arthur said provoking Matthew. That way his eyes gonna turn and he’s gonna get weak and nobody gonna get hurt .

Seems it was working on Matthew but Arthur bring the beast out of Matthew and he shot Freddy in the legs.

Okay big boy, we gonna do it the hard way, Arthur said kicking the gun off his hands and giving him a punch across the face and Matthew fainted.

That was easy and we was never needed here. Max said.

Yeah , but Edward is needed here. Arthur said and Edward brought the first aid kit and treated Freddy.

He give Matthew a injection.

He’s gonna wake up in two hours and you should call the police before then or you gonna die. Arthur said going outside.

That was a very cool consoling back there. Edward said.

Shut up and let get out of here before the police arrive . Arthur said.

When you begin afraid of police? Edward asks.

Since I ate poison. Arthur reply.

You’re weak? Max ask and Arthur nodded.

We’re sorry, they said and Arthur nodded and enter his car.

🎵Give you Tlc, you wanna creep and shit. 🎵pour out My whole heart to a piece of shit.
🎵Man, I thought you wouldn’t learnt your lesson. 🎵 bout liking pictures and not returning texts.
🎵I guess it’s fine Man I get the message. 🎵you still stutter after certain questions . 🎵you keep in contact with certain exs. 🎵Do you know , trust me niggas it cool though. 🎵you said you want working but you out here chasing culo and putas, chilling poolside, living two lives.

Ruby begin to rap cardi b, rap while drinking and cooking at the same time.

She lock the door from inside so she run to open it when she heard voices.

But she was late because Arthur them was already inside.

While running she slip on Arthur but he removed making her to fall and hit her head on the ground.

You should have hold her you know. Edward said sounding angry with Arthur who just scoff and went inside.

Hey , are you okay? Edward asks Ruby.

I’m fine, I’m fine. She said getting up.

Try calling you guys but I couldn’t get any of you. Ruby said.

We left our phone home. Max said.

You’re drunk, Edward said. I’m not Ruby said.

I cook for you guys and I promised it’s not poison. She said chuckling.

Okay, Edward and Max said.

Jack and Luke went in the kitchen.

Wow, you’re a very good cook.

You make a good chef, Jack said.

You guys need to taste this . Luke said.

Okay, max said jumping up and going to the kitchen.

Wow, you’re good princess, Max said.

Yeah, I’m good. Ruby said waking up.

Hey where are you going? Edward asks her.

To the proud peacock. Ruby said.

I will go with cold peacock. But don’t go there if I was you. Edward said.

I will Ruby said going towards Arthur room.

Hey proud peacock , open the door. Ruby said shouting.

Hey stop that and get your drunk self from my house. Arthur said.

Open up and face me like a man. Ruby said.

Arthur open the door and Ruby fall in his chest.

Don’t allow me fall again. She said holding him and he just look at her.

Arthur didn’t shake. They just still Iike that . No talking no shaking.



Tbc. I’m sorry for not posting. I’m going through a lot and I’m resuming school on the 5 so , I’m running after the process.

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