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Cold Episode 3

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💦Cold 💦

(Don’t allow me too close)

Written by Aaliyah Anderson

Chapter 3

(Food poison )

Rise and shine princess, Edward said to Ruby.

Hey Edward, Ruby said. I’m okay, how are you today? Edward ask her.

I’m doing great, thanks for asking, she said.

What are you doing today after class? Edward asks her.

Nothing. She said.

Okay, we gonna pay you a visit at Hilitom. Max said from the other side of the phone.

Okay, she said chuckling. Alright bye princess, Edward said hanging up.

They did a high five.

Arthur gonna have Ruby as his girlfriend or even marry her. Edward said.

Umm, after his investigation he will need a hot fish soup, max said.

Yeah , you get it. Luke said. And Ruby gonna cook it. Jack said.

Arthur got up the next morning and drove to the step mom of Matthew.

It’s very hard for him to investigate because of the way he handle people.

But what to do because he’s the best person for the job.

Arthur inhaled and got down from his car.

I can do this.

It’s just one minute or so.

Arthur got down and walk in the community.

Gosh , it’s about time he put his act together in front of humans.

Arthur saw some girls In the hood getting hard sort of.

A girl came out when she said him coming outta his white car.

Hey , umm can I used a minute or second of your time? Arthur asks her.

Yeah sure handsome. she reply him.

I’m looking for Matthew Martin step mom. Arthur said.

She’s dead , the girl said puffing the smoke out.

Oh , what happened?
I mean was she sick? Arthur asks.

No she was not. The girl said.

Rumor around saying Matthew was the one that kill her. She had that coming The girl

Tell me more . Arthur said.

What are you?

Are you some secret agent or FBI OR CIA? she asks Arthur.

I will go with FBI he said flipping his badge which was not fake though he doesn’t work with them.

Okay handsome she said smirking.

She sold him.

Who? Arthur asks.

Arthur mamma got broke after his father left her for his new woman.

No money to bet.

No money to get hard and she needed to so she sold him as a slave to his step mamma for 250 bucks.

She left him saying he was unlovable and no woman could love him.

The poor thing was hurt.

His own mama abandoned him.

At least Ruth took him in but as her slave.

She beat on him but he didn’t flinch.

But whenever she tells him that he’s unlovable, he pour down the wall of Jericho tears.

You see that man back there?

He has 9 fingers.

After banging Matthew girlfriend and he said Matthew is unlovable so Matthew cut out his pinky.

Okay thanks Arthur told her.

You’re welcome. Just a quickie will do the trick.

You’re hot.
Abs well built.

So is your white crock.

Arthur look at her in disgustment.

He got in his car and sigh.

I’m glad his wife house is in Los Angeles or it gonna be next week operation Arthur said to himself.

Think about it. His mama sold him back then and say some hurtful words to him.

Those are the words that got him tramatiz

But he’s married already or let say married and divorce.

He has someone to love and also have kids so what arouse him?

Only way to find out is to asks his ex wife Arthur said driving.

He came to a big blue house which he thought he was show of because he did his investigation.

Arthur knock but there were no response.

Nobody home. an elderly lady said.

I’m sorry , when you think miss Linda is gonna be back? Arthur asks the woman.

She’s dead. The woman answer him.

Arthur was shock now he can’t get anything done.

No evidence nothing.

But her kid is inside my house. The lady added.

Thanks . Can I have a chit-chat with her if you don’t mind? Arthur asks.

Yeah sure . Come inside the lady told him.

Bella dear come. Someone is here to see you. She said.

Little Bella came out.

I’m gonna excuse you too. The lady said and left.

Hi Bella, I’m uncle Arthur and a FBI.

Arthur said.

Bella begin to cry.

Oh my. Arthur said.

He doesn’t know who to pet a child.

Okay calm down. Everything gonna be okay. Arthur said.

He killed them. Bella said.

Who? Who killed who? Arthur asks.

Daddy, Bella said crying.

Okay , I want you calm and tell me what happened okay? Arthur said more like a question.

Okay, Bella said calming herself down.


✋Flashback ✋

Bella was in the shower when she heard her daddy voice.

She was scare. Her daddy always come to their house to have a fight with their mom and include them in it.

He was never a good dad.

So , you’re sleeping with Freddy, Matthew shouted at Linda.

Come on, what are you saying? Are you going nuts? Freddy is my uncle for goodness sake.

Linda yell back at Matthew.

You’re a lyer.

You little whore divorce me because you wanted to be sleeping around with your so called uncle . Matthew said.

You’re disgusting. You know why I divorce you for.

You beat on me including our little kids.

You’re horrible.

You’re a monster. You’re unlovable and no woman can love you . Linda said.

Take that back. Matthew scream!!!!

No!!! Linda said and Matthew begin to choke her.

Stop it . You’re hurting me. Linda winced in pains.

Matthew stop. Linda pleaded but he didn’t stop until she give up the ghost.

Daddy you kill mommy, little Lisa said hitting her dad.

You’re a monster.

I hate you dad. You’re so wicked and unlovable.

I can’t love you dad. Lisa said crying and Matthew took the table knife and stab his little 4 years old daughter.

Bella wanted to scream but she lost her voice that moment.

Her tears just came down from her eyes slightly.

He heard her crying and wanted to kill her but she was fast to escaped.

✋End of flashback ✋

It’s okay. I promise to find your dad.

But I need you to answer me one more question. Arthur said and Bella nodded.

Is your uncle Freddy still alive? Arthur asks.

Yeah. Bella said.

Okay good. Where he stills? Arthur asks again.

Santa Monica but he normally come to LA for a vacation and stop to our house. Bella said.

Thanks. Arthur said.

Before he knew it, Bella hug him.

Gosh, he doesn’t know how to even hug.

A kid need his help but he doesn’t.

Okay, is okay, just keep calm and everything gonna be okay he said removing his hands from around her.

Be a strong girl always. Thanks for your time . Uncle Arthur gonna take his leave now . Arthur said going out.

He got in his car and sigh.

This is so hectic. But if Freddy is alive he’s gonna be the next victim.

Matthew killed after every three days and today mark the second so tomorrow will be his next victim day.

Gosh, I’m gonna fly Santa Monica soon on the morning and get to Freddy before Matthew does.

But right now , I’m tired and a cold bath and a nice sleep will do the trick. Arthur said driving home.

OMG, my angels are here. Ruby said running to the guys who was leaning on their car.

Hahaha, take it easy princess before you fall. Max joke and they’ll chuckle.

Jessica meet my friends, Jack , max, Luke and Edward, Ruby said.

Hi , I’m Jessica but you can called me jess for short. Jessica said smiling.

Okay, princess , we’re here for a big favor. Edward said.

What is it? Ruby asks.

You see, we’re men , and tired eating pizza and stuff. We’re hoping you cook us.

Fish soup. Max shouted.

Really? Ruby asks.

Yeah , Edward said.

No problem, Ruby said and the guys hug her.

Okay, get in you babe I’m driving . Max said and Ruby got in with Jessica and the rest got in their car.

Wow, is this the white house? Jessica exclaimed.

I said that too. Ruby said.

Actually, the white house is in DC, Max said.

Okay, Jessica said.

They got in and Ruby went in the kitchen and the ingredients was already ready.

I will be with the boys in the living room. Jessica said and ruby nodded.

She clean the fish and chop it into pieces.

Ruby is a very good cook.

Jessica lie that she was going to used the bathroom because Ruby left the soup on the stove and went into the living room.

Jessica creep into the kitchen and added a handful of salt and sugar and enough pepper.

She smirked and went outside.

Where are you going? She asks Ruby.

To check up on the soup. Ruby answer her.

I trust your cooking skills, no need for that . Jessica said.

Okay, I think the soup is done. How about I serve it. Jessica said.

Good. Ruby said.

With in that time , Arthur walk in.

Holy molly, Jessica said stirring at Arthur.

He just ignore them and went to his room.

He’s super handsome. Jessica said.

Really? Max said.

Yeah, Jessica answer . That’s our princess incoming hubby. Edward said .

What!!! I mean , nothing just forget it. Jessica said.

He’s having dinner with us right? Jessica asks and Luke nodded.

Jessica smirk. She really ruin Ruby this time.

Arthur sigh and went in his shower.

He took his cold bath and wore a white track suit.

Edward knock on the door.

Come in Arthur said.

Umm, soup is serve. Hope you eat with us today .

Edward said in a sorrowful voice.

Fine , Arthur said getting up.

He walk down the stirs and Jessica couldn’t help but stire at the handsome dude right before her eyes.

Max clear his throat.

So , Ruby care to share the food? Max asks and Ruby nodded.

She was just scare to look at him.

She serve the food and everyone took a spoon of soup and spill it out.

What!!! Jessica shouted.

I don’t know what happened. Ruby said almost in tears . She was shame.

Arthur stood up and glare at her and drink some water.

You wanna poison us!!!! He shouted and she flinch.

I’m sorry but. That wasn’t the taste Ruby said.

Get out this moment. Arthur shouted and Ruby got up and run out.

Including you!!! He shouted at Jessica who was still sitting down.

Calm down Arthur. I think there’s a mistake somewhere. Edward said.

Arthur glare at him before going to his room.




Tbc. Hope you like it.

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