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Connected Chapter 2

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Writer pov

That night there was a heavy thunder due to the coming of Maggie. Veronica drug her husband to sleep with her. For the past 8years,she hasn’t born him a child. Because of that, Edward refuse to sleep with his wife.

She tried luring him to sleep with her but all her plans didn’t work. She had no choice but to drug him and feed him with alcohol. His vision became blur . she appeared like Lizzy, his p.a who normally sleeps with him. He also plan on marrying her. Because of her he was in the mood to make love to his wife.

Destiny and magic being on their side with the help of Kate, Maggie was able to enter her belly.

💞Veronica pov💞

The next morning Edward got up and found himself in my bed room. What is happening? He asked me. Nothing that shouldn’t happened. You’re my husband ed. And I’m your wife. Yeah a wife that can’t give me a child. He said cutting me short.

I’m sorry if that’s how you think of me. Its not my fault and you’re hurting me. I said crying.

I know and I’m sorry about that. I have think about it and decide to free you of your sorrows. Lets divorce. I’m not asking you Vero. That’s the only thing I can do for you. I have transfer 80% of our properties in you name.

You can be a free woman again. You’re a very beautiful and strong lady and I love you for that. But I need a heir Vero. I hope you understand he said.

Is okay. I get it.but I don’t need your properties. I will go and never come back. Thanks for all the years we have spent together. You was the best husband and a friend. I understand everything you have said.

You been patient for years. I should have set you free. I’m sorry that I have been selfish to you all this while.

You’re a good guy ed.and you deserve to be happy. Its only right for me to leave. You’re a wonderful man and I love you. Lizzy is so lucky to have you. I said wiping my tears.

Oh Vero. You’re so kind. He said hugging me. Is okay. I said smiling. Last night was wonderful. I added and he chuckled. I’m running late for work. He said going to his room

I pick up my phone. Hey Jenna, I’m coming over. Need a place to crash,I said. Sure,why not? Jenna asked and I hung up.

I smiled to myself and walk around the room. I took a photo that was at the edge of the bed and smile as I rub the photo.

I remembered how Edward used to love me madly. I never thought there will come a day I will have to say good bye to him.

I pack my things and sit on the bed. I got up and place a note on the bed and went out. I put my things in the car and drove at Jenna place. Hey, I greeted Jenna. How are you best? She asked me.

I’m okay Jen. I’m… I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if I’m okay or not. I spend my entire life with Edward and now.. He’s my life Jen. You understand right? I asked her and she just nodded.

You’re going to be just fine. She said assuring me. He doesn’t love me any more. He doesn’t even touch me. I had to drug him Jen. Do you understand that? I asked her again and she nodded.

🌼Jenna pov🌼

Its so hurting to see my sister in this stage. Edward was her world. She never loves anyone like she did to him. He leaving her is the worst thing that ever happen to her.

Vero eat something. I said. I’m okay, I ate before coming, she said tapping her hands on the table. I know that she always do that when lying.

Okay Fine. What can I do for you? I asked her. I’m fine Jen. You’re getting late for work,she said and I nodded. Should I called mom? I asked her. No,no. I don’t want her worrying about me,talkless of her calling. You know him. She said. She made me promised never to mention Edward name to her.

I doubt that will continue.

Okay, I’m going to work and asked for a leave. Maybe we can go shopping and do girls bounding,have girls night. I really missed those. I said and she chuckled.

There you go. I missed your happy face, I said and she smile. You’re the best big sister and a best friend.she said. Okay make yourself feel at home while I’m away. I said.

I got in my car and drove to Edward office. I stare at the surrounding. I catwalk inside as his employees stares at me. I look over at Lizzy desk and she was not there. Guess she’s not here yet or she’s in Edwards office.

When I say Edward office,I was right. Hey ed, can I talk to you for a minutes? I asked and his sluty P.a roll her eyes at me.

Gosh, whatever,I said to myself. Sure,why not? He asked and I took my seat.
He pour a glass of wine for me. Eddie,I didn’t come here to merrymay and I’m sorry for that.

I’m actually here on behalf of… On behalf of Vero. He said cutting me short. Yeah and I think I will need that glass of wine. I said and he send it over to me.

Look, I’m sorry Jenna but I can’t do anything about it. You know that I can kill for Vero but every happy couple needs a child. I love her but she can’t make me happy.

I need a child. Do you think I enjoyed cheating on her? I love her so much but the pressure is just too much. I need a heir for my company. Mom want a grandchild. Its just too much and hard on my part.

Veronica is my love. The love of my dam miserable life. That’s was the hardest decision I have ever make. Leaving her is worst. She refusing her shares is killing me. He said crying.

I understand Eddie but you can’t deprived your happiness because of what your mom and company wants. Veronica agreed to marry you and our dad disowned her.

Do you know how hard it was for her? Edward,she grew up with him. Losing him was her worst nightmare but she accepted it because she loves you

Did you one day asked her how she felt when dad disowned her?I guess you didn’t . she sacrificed that to be with you and now you leave her? How do you expect her to live huh?

Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe you doesn’t care.maybe you didn’t love her. Maybe you didn’t try harder. Maybe you just doesn’t love her. You could have make a little sacrifice for her and yet you choose to cheat on her with a slut.

Its not like that Jenna.he did. No Eddie,let me talk. You wasted her time and you dated her for two years and married her for eight years. And then what huh? Where you want her to start from after ten years of you being with her?

Good bye and have a very nice working days with Lizzy. And can move in with her. I walk out and got in my car. I sigh and rub my face. I drove to my house. Good for me I’m already on leave.

I got home and pack my car and went inside. I met Rikki and veronica playing. I smile as I watch her.

She make a good mom,Gregory said kissing my cheeks. I know , I said smiling. Tell me, he said. I’m thinking about girls day. Maybe we could go on a vacation with Rikki, I said and he nodded.

What Edward said when you went to him? He asked. Nothing. Just his own lame excuses , I said and he smiled.

See you girls later. He said and I planted a kiss on his cheek. My credit card is on the bed. You guys can fly any part of the world, he said. I was thinking about flying to Chicago,I said.

Okay babe,love you. He said and went out.I can see you guys are having a very good time together huh? I asked and veronica chuckled. Mommy aunt Vero fix my hair. Rikki said smiling.

Yeah and you’re a very beautiful angel, I added. Will you like a trip to Chicago? I asked veronica. Yeah. Why not? She asked smiling. Gregory said he’s going south Africa. I know I ruin your vacation with him. Vero said. Its okay sis,besides I missed being with you I said cutting her short. Okay, she said smiling.

So next week right? I asked and she nodded. Lets go shopping girls, Rikki said and we gasp. What? Veronica said laughing. You didn’t called us girls babe, I said. Oh yeah she just did. Veronica said.


All right reserved©

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