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Connected Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


❤Maggie pov❤

Omg, did you just see that? I asked Kate. See what? Kate asked me back. “Jay”, I have found him . I exclaim. Mag, I know that you missed Jay, but he’s dead and it has been 200years ago. Kate said

No no, I know he’s dead but you don’t get it. I did a soul tracking spell. Here see for yourself. He’s alive Kate, I said. What? Did you rise him from the dead? I mean you’re a powerful witch, we’re but you didn’t do that. Did you? Kate asked me.

What? No,I didn’t do that but I’m happy he’s alive. I mean his dad is the devil and he’s Lucifer, his favorite angel. I said.

Oh don’t forget how powerful his dad is, I added. Okay what you plan on doing? Kate asked me. I thought you never ask. He’s a mundane and in the mortal realm to be precise.

And this beautiful woman here is my ride to him. I said showing the enchanted mirror with the woman in it to Kate. Yeah,what happened to her? Kate asked me.

Well,she’s kinda beautiful and I like her. She also have this motherly figure. So sorrowful and tender. Heart is pure like gold but too bad she doesn’t have a child of her own. How ironic is that? I asked.

I still don’t get you and you know that. Kate said. Yeah,you get me but you’re playing the mind game. I know know you read mind sis and I love you for that. But if you don’t get as word that I said,I will make you understand.

Here is the thing. I love Jay and I want to be with him. I said. And by being with him you mean what? Kate asked. Seriously sis. I really don’t like the part you play of being a dumb.

You’re my elder and you’re supposed to look after me. I said. Okay. Fine, what you want me to do? Kate asked. I wanna go in the mortal realm and becomes a mundane. I said.

What!! Okay, I get you’re obsessed with Jay but do you like give it a thought?
I mean the consequences of nature balance? Kate asked. Okay. First of all its not obsession but love. I said.

You might not even make it to him alive. Your birth demons are strong. Kate said. Well not as strong yours are . I said. That’s not the point. What about your powers huh? Kate ask.

That. You’ll keep it temporarily. I said. That’s why I have the most powerful witch on my side. You’re the one and only person that is good for this this task. And good, you’re my sister forever. I added.

Maggie we are all powerful and its no excuse for to use me. You’re going against nature. Demons can travel through you and cause the mundanes harm and I will be responsible for that. Kate said.

I know all that Kate. And that’s where you will come in. Here’s the plan. You will used the soul tracking spell and track my soul when I’m 18 years of age.

You will locate Jay and I together. You should make the moment beautiful. I said chuckling.

Mag you do know that I don’t write one destiny right? Kate asked. Yeah I know and I also know that you’re capable of writing ones destiny.

You’re the most powerful witch to me. I’m your sister and I need your help Kate. Don’t turn your back on me now Kate. I said.


Fine. But we have to tell mom and dad including the others Kate said. I know but we have to do this secretly. I don’t want mom to know. You know how she panic quickly. Not even dad. The most powerful warlock. He might turn me into a frog. Do you want that to happen? I asked.

What you’re asking from me is quit difficult Maggie. Kate said. But you can do it. I know you can do it. I said.

What will I tell mom and dad? I mean I’m gonna missed you. Kate said. Yeah I’m gonna miss you too I said embracing Kate. She allow the tears drop out from her eyes. Kate barely cry. She’s strong and I know my decision really hurt her.

Aww stop being dramatic I said wiping her tears. Fine, get me the book of destiny she said with tears. I straight my hands and the book came into it. Why can’t I strip you of your immortality then send you to the human world without you being reborn? She asked me.

No Kate. That woman is barren. She’s at the verge of being kick out of her home. I know I’m doing this for my own selfish reason but I’m also saving a home. I’m doing her a huge favor. I said

So you read her destiny?she asked and I nodded.
Mag it was wrong. In fact you do know there is a possibilities that Jay may not remember you.

And I’m not show if its Jay you saw in the enchanted mirror. Kate said. Kate I know Jay aura. Though he’s still young but I still smell him and you know that’s one of my abilities as a witch. I said.

Kate cast a spell on the enchanted mirror. Look Maggie,he’s happy and might comes of age one day. The devil never approved of your relationship with him and will never approved of it. Jay is super cute with a super cute lips that you’re dying to kiss but Maggie he’s the son of the devil.

He’s a torturer. When you lost your humanity he will be the one to torture you in hell. He’s the son of all evil. He’s dangerous Mag. I know that youre willing to sacrifice yourself for him. I mean we all know what will happened in the end.

His dad will just send his crimson hell fire on us all. You’re a witch don’t wanna risk your people life’s because of your love life with Jay.

I like Jay but your relationship with him is something that can’t workout good. You gotta think about it. He’s a risk to us all. Kate said. You don’t get it Kate. Just because his dad is evil doesn’t mean you should judge him. Remembered Jay saves my my life countless time.

He’s a good guy. Haha. What I’m I saying? You never love before so you don’t understand how i feel. You keep closing people out because you think they are evil.

You doesn’t have someone to love so you won’t understand.I said. Enough!! Mag you have no right to talk to me like that.

I’m just watching out for you as a big sister. I’m saying all that because I love you. Kate said. I’m sorry Kate. I didn’t mean to talk to you like that. Its just that I love him so much. Just once I beg you to help me and I won’t asked for your help again.

I promised. I said. Fine. I can’t change your mind. Seems you love him more than your life. I just hope you won’t regret your decision someday. Kate said.

I won’t. I reply her. Okay I love you and take care. She said.

She begin to chant. (Admortale mundi et ipusumab alio renascentur)3× go to the mortal and be reborn.


🌹Kate pov🌹

I closed my eyes while chanting because I couldn’t stand the sight of seeing my only sister vanish in the thin air. I open my eyes and gasped when I realized that she was no more before me. I fling her door open and took out her blue sweater.

It was her favorite since I was the one that give it to her one her hundred-five birthday of her six lives. I held it in my hands and scream out loud. My scream cause heavy lightning and thunder in our realm and the mortal.

I cry myself to sleep like a babe who has lost their favorite toy.

All right reserved©

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