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Cold Episode 1

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(Don’t allow me too close )

Written by Aaliyah Anderson

Chapter one.

(Saving Ruby )

Just get the fuck up and find his men location. Arthur shouted at Max.

Chill man. Luke said to Arthur . What did you just say huh?

Did you just tell me to chill? Aaron is still in the air and you want me to chill? Arthur asks more than a yell.

Okay, we get this Edward said trying to calm Arthur down.

Fine, I’m calm. But I give Max just five minutes. I mean it.

If he doesn’t find those scumbags location, I’m gonna make sure he operate with seven fingers .

Let see how he’s gonna play with computers, Arthur said warning Max.

With that , he went in his room.

Why are you guys looking at me like that? Max asks his friends.

Man , I’m proud of you Jack said tapping Max back.

What? I’m still lost here Max said.

You get Arthur talking. Not just that but you make him come outside.

Isn’t that rare? Jack asks.

Very rare. I’m so happy for this opportunity. though we didn’t have a good conversation, but I’m so glad he talk to us. Edward said.

Imagine, he even shouted at me. I’m bless luke said and the team bust into laughter.

He’s too unpredictable, Max said. That’s why he’s called PAIN. They all chorus.

Max!!!! Arthur shouted from his room.

On it, Max said tracking Aarons men down.

Find it!!! Max exclaimed.

Arthur hurrily came outta his room.

His teammates look at him.

He was dress in all white.

That’s his killer look.

Edward tip him on the shoulder.

I will pretend that you didn’t just do that Arthur said.

Phew, Edward exhale.

Seems like luck is actually on my side today, Edward said to himself.

The Arthur he knew won’t let that slide.

Though it was a mistake from Edward but he was so glad that Arthur didn’t take it seriously.

Arthur hates dirt.

He didn’t even asks for the men location. Max said.

Was I supposed to asks? Arthur asks entering his black Benz.

No boss, Max said and the rest of the team got in the black van.

Arthur already knew they was going to QUEENS night club because of the GPS planted in his car.

Arthur, drove with speed to club. The club was own by Arthur.

His teammates drove behind him with full speed too.

They got to the club.

Ain’t we covering your five? Edward asks Arthur.

No, I will be back pretty quick.

Max, still away from slut.

I’m not in the mood to rescue you. Arthur said and the boys chuckled.

You will need backup. Jack said throwing gun to Arthur.

Thanks but I won’t be needing that. Arthur said and walk in the club.

He’s PAIN, they said.

So, what are we supposed to do? I mean we can’t just come here.

There are lots of pretty girls around here Max said.

Come on, you always captured when banging a girl.

And the funny part is you’re always naked. Jack said and the rest of the guys laugh.

This is different. Pain is here. You guys are also here Max said looking at his friends.

Hey , don’t give us that look Luke said.

But max kept giving them that puppy eyes.

Fine, they said following him.

Arthur sat down. A glass of vodka, Arthur said to the bartender.

A glass was of vodka was place before him.

He run the vodka down his throat.

Clara, the most best sex dancer and stripper kept stirring at Arthur.

Yeah, they always does that. He’s pretty hot and well built.

With his all white, he was just like a angel.

But hell no, he was a very dangerous guy who has never smile before.

Clara probably fall for him but he was not into that stupid crazy stuff they called love.

He was a cold block of ice.

James got Angry because of the way Clara was stirring at Arthur.

James work for Aaron a rich politician in Los Angeles .

Aaron, knows how to steal people wealth. They kill the weak and rich and take their properties.

But they got unlucky lately because Arthur was always there to stop them.

James was actually in the club to silence Mr Williams.

He’s a rich man and also Arthur regular customer at the club.

Arthur wasn’t gonna allow some scumbags kill him like that.

James was angry over the fact that Clara was stirring at Arthur.

He probably have this thing for her but she doesn’t give him attention but here she was stirring at Arthur like a pearl.

What are you doing here huh? James asks Arthur who kept mute.

Arthur pour another glass of vodka and run it down his throat.

I run this area so you better start speaking before I shove this gun in your little petty white ass and I figure out that you won’t like it and trust me you won’t like it . James said but Arthur didn’t responded.

That was it. James was really getting angry with Arthur dumbness.

Do you know who I am? James asks Arthur.

Arthur got up and sip the last content of vodka.

And you don’t understand the fuck of the degree that I don’t have to know who the fuck you’re.

But how about this?

Name: James Lucas
Wife: Jane Lucas
Kids: two girls one boy.

You have a granny . You’re an Italian.

You deleted your family records because you’re protecting them from your shady deeds.

A high drugs dealer.

I’m amazed because you hide your family from the world and still out here to kill other family.

How gross that sound.

James was left in shock.

He knew he hide his family perfectly well.

He even deleted their records. Even Aaron doesn’t know he has a family.

James knew he have to get rid of Arthur.

How do you know? James asks Arthur.

Let just say nothing is hidden from me Arthur said.

James came closer to Arthur and pointed his gun at Arthur follow by his men.

You’re smart but you’re a fool. Arthur said .

What do you mean? James asks .

YOU LET ME TOO CLOSE . Arthur said punching James mouth.

He took the gun from his hands and bang it in James stomach sending him to the ground.

And here come the loses Arthur said giving James men a kick and a punch which ends up killing them.

James was on the ground groaning in pains.

You know what? Your family are too innocent.

We are just gonna used you alone as a sacrificial lamb.

I think I will be needing this gun after all.

Don’t worry. It’s just to end your pains quickly, Arthur said shooting James.

What? It didn’t even take you thirty minutes. Max said when he said Arthur coming out.

It was not supposed to take that long either Arthur said entering his car and his men follow behind.

I can’t believe his clothes didn’t even stain . Edward said.

It never stained before Jack answer him.

Arthur got to his mansion and enter his room while the guys fall on the sofa all tire as if they was the one doing the fighting.

Arthur let out a cold water from the shower.

He later came out with a white tracksuit on and a suitcase.

Traveling to Chicago for two days .

Don’t bring any slut in my house Arthur said warning his men.

Yes boss they chorus and Arthur drove to the airport.

Come on guys, Arthur is going for whole two days , Max pleaded with his friends.

Didn’t you already bang your slut? Why must we go back to the club? Edward asks him.

I did but it wasn’t to my satisfaction. Max said.

Nah, I’m tired Luke said.

Yeah, I know you’re tired. you’re just some boring dude . Max said to Luke.

Luke went inside to have a nap while Max give Edward and jack that puppy eyes.

Fine, they said surrounding and got in the black Benz.

They where big boys just because their leader wasn’t around.

I wish that one day Arthur gonna get a life. have a girlfriend. have sex with her. Have a kid and be a happy guy Edward said.

I think that tense is future impossible. Max said.

We should try hulking him up with girls Max added.

You know what happened the last time we did that.

The girl was naked and he throws her out.

He even shoot us in the legs . Edward said.

But he’s our friend and we need to do something Jack said .

I wish it was that easy to do. Edward said.

Thanks daddy for the new car . Ruby said kissing her dad on his cheeks.

Anything for my princess he said.

Okay dad, uhhh, I’m going out now.

See you tonight dad, Ruby said and went in her new red sport Benz.

She loves cars so much. Most especially sport cars.

She play endless love in the car.

How about I called Jessica to chill with me? She asks herself.

She took her iPhone and dial Jessica number.

Hey Jess, uhh I’m on my way to QUEENS club and I want you to come and chill with me.

About the pink bugatti, I’m gonna give it to you tomorrow .

Aww, thanks bestie, Jessica said from her end.

It’s no big deal. You’re my bestie after all.

See you at Queens, Ruby said and hang up.

Bitch, Jessica said piercing around her room.

This is not happening. she can’t be having all of Ruby used things.

Hahaha, what about I kill her and have all her things including her rich daddy who treat her like a princess.

With one round of sex I’m gonna make him mine . When she’s alive all that can’t happen.

This is the best time to strike. Jessica said to herself.

She called her men and give Ruby location and Pic. I want her rape and dead.

She shouldn’t carry her virginity in her grave Jessica said. okay ma, her men answer her.

Thanks and I want it done tonight she said.

She then dress up in a short dress showing all her curve with deep red lipstick.

Will soon be mourning you bestie she said getting in her own car.

Soon Ruby reach the club she park her new baby and got down.

Hey what are you guys doing?she asks the men who surrounded her.

Nothing babe. We’re just six and I’m show you can give us a quickie, their leader said.

No no, that wasn’t happening to her.

She been keeping her virginity for her husband not even boyfriend and some scumbags gonna rape her.

Tears fall from her eyes. Stop please she pleaded with the men who was coming closer to her.

She kneet down to her car and close her eyes tight.

Huh?she said to herself. After few minutes nobody touch her.

She open her eyes and met those scumbags dead and she gasp.

Hey, you’re save now Max said.

She look at them confusely.

I think you gonna leave from here now Edward said.






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