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Cold Episode 2

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💦Cold 💦

(Don’t allow me too close )

Written by Aaliyah Anderson

Chapter two

(Ruby and Arthur meeting )

How about we carry you to our house? Max said.

Huh? Ruby said.

What? We are no bad people. we save you from those scumbags so what you think we are going to do with you? Edward asks.

Don’t want our efforts to go in vain. Who knows what gonna happen to you again? Jack asks.

But I’m waiting for my friend, Ruby said.

Is your friend more important than your life? Edward asks her.

No , but she try saying something but was cut short.

Okay, than Max gonna drive you while we drive our own car Jack said.

She was speechless. Ruby just got in the car and Max got in with her.

They drove to their Mansion or Arthur Mansion.

Wow, Ruby said getting down admiring the big white Mansion.

Is this the white house? Ruby asks .

Actually, the white house is in DC, Edward said and Jack chuckled.

Shut up dudes, Max said.

Come in Max told Ruby who just follow.

They met Luke sitting down on the sofa with pizza in his mouth watching movies.

Oh man, and you said you wanted to sleep. Max said.

Shut up. Who we have here?

Remember Arthur warning, Luke said to them.

Oh , please meet our boring friend , Edward said to Ruby.

Though they didn’t no her name yet.

Hi , I’m Ruby , she said stretching her hands to Luke.

Ruby? Rare gem Edward said.

I’m Luke. Luke said shaking her hand.

And I’m Max, this is Edward and this is Jack. Max said introducing his friends.

At least I’m not boring equal to Arthur Luke said.

Who’s Arthur? Ruby asks.

Forget it. You won’t meet him anyway since you gonna be going tomorrow. Edward said.

Where she’s gonna stay? Jack asks.

In Arthur room. Edward answer him.

Okay, I think that’s pretty good. Max said.

Come let me show you his room Edward said.

Ruby follow behind Edward.

Wow, she said admiring Arthur room.

It’s too tidy she said.

Yeah, it’s so don’t touch anything in it. Edward warn her.

Sure she said.

Go have a shower and you can wear one of his over size T shirt and I’m gonna bring you a cartoon of pizza.

We are men. Edward said and Ruby chuckled.

Thanks . she said and Edward went outside.

She smiled to herself.

Phew, I’m happy my virginity is still in tact she said.

Arthur, she whispered the name and shake her head.

She went in the shower and have a warm bath.

Seems there are some good guys out there.

She came out of the shower and wore Arthur white over size T shirt.

Cute but very big on you. Edward said opening the door.

Here you can eat this before going to bed he said putting the tray down which contains pizza and juice.

Thanks Ruby said.

You welcome and good night he said closing the door.

Ruby took a bite of pizza and begin to chow on it.

Her mind drafted to her best friend.

Shit, Jessica gonna be so piss of she said.

Ruby took her phone and call Jessica.

Is this Ruby speaking or you’re calling from the hospital? Jessica asks.

What? I’m Ruby jess.

Don’t tell me you didn’t recognize my voice. Ruby said to her friend.

And what hospital are you referring to? I’m not sick. Ruby said.

Oh , don’t mind me.

I have too much alcohol in my system Jessica said chuckling fakely.

I’m sorry. I know you’re at the club but trust me I’m sorry.

Some guys wanted to rape me lately and I was save by some good guys who brought me to their home Ruby told her friend.

What? You’re staying to some guys house? Text me the location I’m gonna pick you up. Jessica said .

No , it’s okay. Uhh, should I call my security to drive you home? I mean since you’re tipsy. Ruby asks Jessica.

No , it’s fine. Trust me I’m okay, Jessica said.

Okay, see you at college tomorrow jess Ruby said and hang up.

She look at the pizza.

It’s time to serve justice she said eating the pizza.

After she was through, she fall asleep.

🕑Next morning 🕑

What are you doing in my bed and in my fucking clothes! !!!!!

Arthur shouted at Ruby who was still sleeping.

I’m talking to you bitch!!!! Arthur said.

Arrrgggghhhh.. Ruby exclaimed but Arthur didn’t flinch.

Max, Jack, Luke and Edward run to the room and met angry Arthur.

I thought you suppose to come tomorrow. Max asks Arthur.

What is she doing here laying in my bed and wearing my clothes?

Arthur asks in the most kind way he thought of because she was already crying.

Ruby look at Max and Edward.

He’s mean. She whispered.

I’m not your daddy to pamper you.

Get the fuck outta my bed and you can as well take off my shirt. Arthur said to Ruby who just nodded.

She got up and wanted to pass beside Arthur to go to the shower.

Don’t you dare come closer he shouted.

I’m sorry, Ruby said and Edward pull her to himself.

I’m sorry she whispered and made a way to enter Arthur shower.

Don’t you dare he said.

Come let’s go. Edward said carrying her to his room.

I’m sorry about Arthur.

Didn’t know he was going to return today.

Don’t be afraid that’s how he’s. Edward told ruby.

I bet his girlfriend has lot of patience, Ruby said.

He never have one before Edward answer her.

What? She exclaimed.

Yeah , you can take your shower and I’m gonna bring you your clothes so you can go home. Edward said and Ruby nodded.

When I say no slut in my house , I mean it.

You even have the gust to bring her in my room and wear my clothes! !!!! Arthur said angrily.

Calm down. she isn’t no slut.

We save her last night and try to help her sleep over for the night Max said.

Oh really? Trust me when I say it won’t repeat itself again.

You should have taken her to the guest room.

Trust me when it happened again, I’m gonna do something that you won’t forget. Arthur said and stomp out.

Okay, Ruby is quit lucky. I mean, he didn’t kick her out.

He only yell at her. Jack said.

I think Arthur is blind.

I mean , look at him shouting at Ruby.

She’s beautiful. gosh. Can’t Arthur have eyes for once?

Edward blab.

I think I need to buy him shades. Max said.

Yeah , he need that jack said.

Hey guys, umm thanks for last night. I owe you big time.

Ruby said coming downstairs.

I’m running late for school.

University? Edward asks her.

Yeah, Hilitom she said.

You must be a pretty rich princess. Jack said.

I guess. Umm, can I have you guys numbers? Ruby asks.

Yeah , sure thing princess, they said and give Ruby their number and she give her number to them too.

Okay bye , she wave to them.

Good , now Arthur chase the beauty away Max said.

I can’t believe he’s so heartless, Jack said.

I get a plan. Edward said.

What is it? Max exclaimed.

Why don’t we huk Arthur with Ruby.

Tried that many times but it didn’t work out Luke said.

Well, maybe we didn’t try harder. Edward said.

How about inviting the little princess over often? Max said.

Yess, Edward said.

Their phone beep.

They sigh. it’s Arthur.

They went in the secret room in the mansion for a meeting.

Over the screen is a seriel killer.

Well, I shouldn’t care about this matter because it’s the CIA and FBI job.

Seems they’re too slow and women and kids are dying.

This man is though.

It’s either we find his reasons of killing first before finding how he kills his victims. Arthur said.

But why only women? He’s a pathetic killer . Edward said.

Yeah , but something gotta trigger him to doing that. I mean it always the case . Arthur said.

But wo man. You need a break. Max said.

Arthur ignore Max words.

His name is Mathews Martin.

40 years old.

Divorce with 2 two kids.

No past criminal records till now. Max said.

He being a serial killer get something to do with his family but check his background good. Arthur said.

Oh , he grew up with his step mom. Max said.

We gonna start our own investigation from his community he grew up in . Arthur said.

Okay, but at least make it tomorrow? I’m kinda tired. Edward said.

Sure , because I have all night to think and know when next he’s gonna strick. Arthur said going to his room.

He didn’t sleep that night.

Arthur kept thinking about the serial killer.

If I was the killer, what will I do?

Arthur asks himself.

Kill all my relatives. Arthur said.

No, hope I’m wrong. Arthur said taking a look at the victims pictures.

He read each victims biography.

Gosh , he’s right.

All the victims are family.

I guess they really did something to hurt him.

Arthur is a seriel killer but he never kill women and kids.

He never tell his friends why he started to kill. Nobody knows who triggered it only Arthur knows.





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