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My Village Love Episode 3

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💋 My village love 💋
♥ (Expensive love )♥
Episode 3.
Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr
Daniel walked up to where he packed his car, and all the people were staring at him strangely.
He took time and examined the car and he noticed that they have damaged the car so badly. he shook his head and went back to the Hut to continue his conversation with the old man meanwhile the environment has started becoming dark due to the time it was 🕒 and Daniel didn’t noticed that.
They finally came out only to discover that it was too late them to go back to the city that night because there was no means of transportation. They were so scared of sleeping in the place but they had no other option than to sleep.
The man offered them mat to lie down and they were looking at the mat strangely because non of them has ever slept in it before. They collect it and the old man showed them to lie on it which they did after.
Everyone slept off except Ekaette who sat inside their Hut starring at the car to see what it will turn into. Sleep finally took over her and she doze off.
#Next day…
Daniel woke up feeling pains all over his body due to the fact that he slept on the floor. they were offered water. they washed their face after which Daniel called the company for another car which arrived later..

“As we have said before sir, you need to choose someone to follow us to the city and then take the information of what he or she sees there to you people for you to believe us”Dan said after a minute of silence.

“Let’s go outside for that ” said the old man who led the way out of the Hut
He climbed up an old mountain, that is their way of assembling all the villagers. he rang the bell which people heard and woke up wondering what could be the cause of this early alarm.
“My people, “the old man began
“This young men here earlier what brought them to this village “he paused and looked at the people wondering what will be their reactions when they heard that one person must follow them to the city.
“And as a result of that, someone will be choosed to follow them to the city and bring back news to us”
“What? they all exclaimed
Ekaette found her way out of the crowd
“No one is leaving this, they want to use us for rituals “she said
Daniel smiled wondering where she gathered the mind from
“You this lady, what do you know than to always choke mouth on important issues ,and as a matter of fact you are the one choosen to follow them”

“You must be kidding, my daughter is going nowhere “The mother said dragging Ekaette to herself

Daniel was enjoying the drama, so he stood smiling to nothing in particular.

After too much of arguing, they finally allowed Ekaette to follow them ,they warned them that nothing should happen to her.

She followed them to where they packed the car, the was engine was just still in vibration. everyone entered the car only her was left alone. Daniel gave her a go ahead gesture to enter.
She finally did. The car was set in motion which startled her and she shouted. the people thought that something bad had happened to her so they pursued the car running,
“Increase the speed”Daniel told the driver which he obediently did.

After two hours drive they finally get to the company. They alighted the car and Ekaette looked at the environment which looks strange to her. she took her time to capture everything into her memory.

“Let’s go inside ”
Daniel’s voice interrupted her from her unbelievable seeing.
she followed Daniel inside.
Daniel led the way heading to his office meanwhile the other people went to their different offices too.

Dan entered the elevator and asked her to come in which she did. He pressed the button and the elevator started it’s work. seeing that, Ekaette shouted and hitting Daniel hard to drop her down.
“Drop me down! “she shouted hitting him which he tried to calm her down and it was abortive.
“I said let me down “she said and hit Daniel real hard on the tummy which he held tightly feeling the pain.
He groaned in pain and finally the elevator finally get to a stop and the door fling open.
Ekaette with full speed ran out of the elevator not knowing where she is heading to.

“Hey girl, take it easy and come back here or else you will get lost ”
She didn’t listen to him rather continue running, she saw cars moving she ran expecting to get to where she saw the cars, on the process she hit herself on the class door and fall down.
“I told you not to run”Daniel voice echoed from a corner.
She looked up and saw him walking to where she sat, she stood up and started running, trying to pass Daniel and on the process she jamb him real hard which they fall down together in way that she’s on top Daniel.
They stayed like that for some seconds,just then the door fling open and Sandra walked him. immediately she saw them that way he mode changed into a scary one.
“So sorry to interrupt you guys “she said and head out again thinking that Daniel will call him back but he didn’t which make her feel bad
They finally stood up, and she was a little bit calm this time around. He adjusted his clothes and opened his office which they entered together.
They sat down, and he took off his tie and continue his which made Ekaette to stair at him in awe wondering what he was about doing. Daniel sat down.
“Welcome to our company “he said stretching his hand to her for a handshake and she declined it.
“I’m Daniel by name, what’s yours

“I’m Ekaette “she finally replied and her voice was like that of a fallen angel. it was like a surprise to Daniel that she finally talked back to him.
“What’s this? she asked referring to the books on the table.
The question sounds like a drama to Daniel because nobody in his rightful can ask that. a book is writing which everyone knows.
“It’s called a book”he replied
“What’s it for “?he asked again

“Don’t tell me you are kidding, you don’t know what a book is used for?
She shook her head negatively.
Am dead, Daniel said in his mind.

“OK its used for writing ”
“Thank you “she said
“What are they doing? she asked referring to the picture on the back of the book.
Daniel arch his brows knowing what it takes for him to answer the question but he was happy that she’s getting along.

“They are kissing “he replied
“What is a kiss?
Daniel smiled.
“I can only explain that one with action “he said scratching his head praying she knows what he means.
“Then explain it na because I need the answer “she said not knowing the meaning.
He narrowed his eyes at her reply.
“Then come closer ”

She lend closer bit by bit and he lend closer too until their mouth finally touched each other
To be continued..
What happens next?


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