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My Village Love Episode 2

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♥ (Expensive love) ♥
Episode 2.

Written by Certified Daniel Etim jnr.
Daniel woke up early, he looked at his wall clock and the time reads 6:45am. He stood up and yawn stretching his body, he entered his bathroom, brush his mouth and took a quick shower. Few minutes later he was done bathing, water was still dripping on his masculine body.he entered his room and clean his body, applied some cream and dress up.
He looked so handsome in the dress. it was a T-shirt with jeans trouser couple with white canvas. he didn’t worry about breakfast since he was living alone. He took his car key and go his way.

On getting to the company, he saw Emma’s car driving in at the same time. he alighted from his car and wave at Emma and then entered the building.he walked to the elevator,press the button it open. He finally dropped on the last floor, open his office and enter.Daniel sat down going through the documents he signed the previous night just then the ringing tone of his phone interrupted him, he looked at the screen and it was his boss. he picked it and put it on speaker still concentrating on the documents.
“I need you in my office now “the voice sounded
“OK sir I will be there soon”
He hung up the call and headed to his manager office. he knocked and enter after being told to enter.
“Good morning sir”he greeted
“Yeah good morning Dan”
“Sir, you called me”

“Yes I did, how was the trip you and your team went on yesterday “?he asked still concentrating on his laptop.

“Sir it was not a pleasant one, but we postpone it till today”he said crossing his legs

“OK, that’s what I wanted to know, make sure you go there today and bring me the information because the land is said to be full of oil and we can’t loose it to our opponent”he concluded and signalled him to go.

#Same day..
Daniel took his team this time around they were five in number, they began the journey again to the village to continue their research.
Ekaette was outside peeling yam for her mother when she sighted their car again, she ran inside the house and bang the door.
“Mother! “she yelled
“Yes, what’s it?
“They are here again “she responded
“The people that came yesterday “.
Her mom rushed passed her and looked through the window and saw Daniel stairing strangely at the environment.

The whole village was deserted due to the presence of Daniel and his team, they thought that they were there to harm them because they have never seen something like a car before.

“Listen everyone”Daniel shouted after he has waited for long without seeing any one.
People began to slowly opened their windows, looking strangely at them wondering what he has to say.

“We are not here to harm anyone “He began after gaining their attention.

“You just have to come out first and hear us out”.He said

Doors began making cracking sounds thereby signalling that they wanted to come out. Finally everyone came out from their hiding place, and Daniel was happy that finally he has been able to convince them. It was only Ekaette left in their Hut. she didn’t want to come out because of the dream she had the previous night.

“Thank you all for coming out, we are here on a mission in this village. we all here works at Lucad sons oil and gas company. we have discovered that there’s oil here in your land and we are here to make a difference in the land. he looked at everyone and began
“So we came to see the head of this village so as to discuss this issue with him.
“We don’t have any village head here”An elderly man said pushing himself out of the crowd to have a better discussion with them.

Daniel ordered his men to reverse the car,Emma entered his car. immediately he onn the car. They all ran back to their Hut while some took stones getting ready to attack.

“Wo wo wo, wait we mean no harm it’s just a car,it won’t do any harm it’s just for moving people from one place to another “Daniel spoke to them signalling them to calm down which they finally did.
The old man finally took them to his house and they discussed the issue in there.
While they were all inside the man’s hut and everyone had retired to their huts making the environment to be deserted. Ekaette sneak out of the house and head to where they parked the car. she reached there.
She looked at the car strangely and admiring it’s beauty. she touched the car.
Unknowingly to her, the car alarm started making noise, everyone came out of their Hut and saw the car trafficators blinking the yellow light,they thought that it will harm them. they all gather stones and threw at the car thus resulting in damaging the car totally.
Daniel heard the shattered sound from inside the Hut he came and saw them hitting the car with sticks and stones.

“What? he exclaimed.
To be continued.
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