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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 8

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Episode 8

The upper part of the wrapper was pushed forward by her huge b*obs, I stared greedily at the oranges.
She walked to the television and switched it on, bending forward pushing her *ss backward for me to have a full view of her soft sweet big ass, short people and ass fah!

I stood up and walked to were she is putting a movie, I pressed my groin on her ass and she turned back sharply and pushed me back.
I decided to take it to next level like APC, I pulled off my shirt and my trouser, my 8inches stood pointed in my boxer.

I walked to her she has successfully put on a movie and was about walking to a seat, when I grabbed her by the waist and attacked her lips. She quickly removed her face.

Endurance: Victor, stop!

I removed her wrapper and her bare br*asts came into view, they were round and full with arousal.
She struggled to get out of my hold, I wrestled her down on the carpet floor, she pushed me softly with her hands to get off from her body.

I held her both hands in place above her head, I used my other hand and pushed down my boxer.
My h*rd d*ck sprang up hitting her panted crack.

Me: aaahh! *I m*an*

Endurance: assshh! Oohh! Stop na!!

We were both sweating as we wrestled for s*xual dominance on the floor, Nigeria girls sabi make shakara for f*ck.
The energy you would have used in pounding them hard you will waste it in wrestling yourself into their p*nt.

I placed my lips on her left br*ast and started s*cking, I used my other hand hand to shift her p*nt and held my d*ck in position.
She was already w*t, as I rubbed my d*ck cap on her opening.

Endurance: stop na! The thing dey sweet me.

I pounded inside her w*t warm p*ssy and the feelings was heavenly, she crossed her legs above me. Preventing me from moving, I removed her legs on my back.
And lift myself up a bit, I placed one of her leg on my shoulder and grabbed her two br*asts.

Endurance: aahh! Aaahhh!! Stop na!!! F*ck me na!!!


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