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Dreame Season 2 Episode 1

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chidinma jerry .m.
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I removed my sweater and slept off.

Bryan’s ♡♡♡…♡♡♡

I looked at my hand for a while as I fell on My bed.

But when did I become so clumsy.
Of all the places why did my hand go to that place Gosh.

But it felt….

I ran into my shower and washed my hand then washed my face.

Ok stop thinking about that.

I removed the yellow top and fell on my bed.

I need to see Jacky tomorrow.
I pray Candice is not yet back from her modeling stuff.

She’s so stubborn,she doesn’t understand the fact that am supposed to be her brother she still wants us to date.

And when I said wouldn’t date her she now wants us to have a sexual relationship.


Sir Eduardo thinks I don’t like coming home he doesn’t understand that am trying to avoid what Candice wants.

I don’t even sleep peacefully In my room she had to get my key molded into a spare.


I guess she is not seeing me as her brother cos uhmm I didn’t spend time with her..i stayed only one week in the house when I was twelve she was 10 then.
Then I came to dream house and stayed for 8 months then I traveled with Diego and trained for close to 6 years.

Then my first time seeing her when she grew up was last year at 18, the dreame boys came for her 18 birthday and that was when this nonsense started.

I just pray she overgrows this cos Jeremy said she would over grow it soonest.
That it was just youthfulness,friends and peer pressure.

I can’t tell mum and dad something so gross.

Yea Jeremy knows,he was the one that distracted me that night…the first night i actually almost fell for her..though I was kinda high.

After that I just stopped sleeping at home..I started staying away.
Sometimes I wonder if I should tell mum.

I rolled over and slept off.

ODEYA ♡♡♡…♡♡♡

I slept off but I woke really early.
Like around 5:30.
I wanted to know how Bryan planned on cleaning this mess he made in the house.

I opened my door and Bryan sat on the stair using his phone.
A glass of wine sat beside his other phone and his watch.
The bottle was on the other stair.
Everything he broke had been replaced from A to Z.

I was amazed.
The last set of workers just left.

Just then jace rushed in,he wore a white jump suit now.
Seems he went to his own house.

He saw Bryan and waved at him from a distance with the hand where he was holding his car key.

Bryan stood up and walked down the stairs.
Jace hugged him tight..And tapped his back.

“If you do that again i won’t come back”jace said
Bryan chuckled and nodded.

Jace ran into his room.

Evan rushed in.

“Are you cool now?”he asked Bryan.
Bryan nodded.
“Dont mind Franco…don’t let him come between you and’s all good”Evan said and hugged bryan too..he also tapped his back.

Awwwwn they all love him.
Evan ran up.

Finally jeremy walked in while checking his time in his wrist watch.

He saw Bryan, me I hid into my door.
Jeremy ignored Bryan and ran up his stairs
Oh no Jeremy is still angry.

I wonder which one of them will lay down the pride and beg the other.

Jeremy pressed the pass device in his room door angrily and tried opening it.

Bryan pressed a remote and light went out of the house fully.
Jeremy couldnt open his door again cos the device lost power

He sighed and looked at Bryan.

Bryan turned on the light
He entered his pass word again Bryan turned off the light.

I smiled.
Bryan kept doing this until Jeremy calmed down.

He chuckled” Bryan If I come up there you are dead”he said.

Bryan smiled and turned on the light then threw the remote to jeremy..Jeremy caught it

“Are we practicing today?”Jeremy asked
“No, we need to see Jackie”Bryan said
“Is candie home?”Jeremy asked
“I don’t know?”Bryan said.

Jeremy nodded and walked into his room.

Bryan sat on the stair and picked the cup.

Finally Diego walked in.
I smiled

He leaned on the wall and watched Bryan like a movie for a while.

He couldn’t handle it anymore he leaned out and picked a band stick.

I smiled.

“Diego wait..ahh”Bryan shouted and ran away while laughing

“Better surrender” diego said

“Wait, wait, sorry!! Ahhh am changing” bryan shouted as Diego caught him and flogged him everywhere even his head.

“I won’t get angry any more, promise!!”Bryan said
He hit his head then let him go.

Bryan ran away like someone was still chasing him.

I smiled.

Jeremy smiled as he looked out his side window.

Finally Diego dropped the cane and hugged Bryan.

“Do that again and I will really flog you more”Diego said
Bryan nodded..

“But where is deya!!”Diego shouted..

Jeremy opened his door

“Wait was deya with him?”Jeremy said
“Yes I left her here”he said

Evan and jace walked out

“Really”jace said
“Where Is she?”Evan asked.

I ran down and bowed.

Jeremy didn’t even know when he rushed me.

“Are you okay..did you get hurt”he said as He turned me left and turned me right.

Diego looked at him with a very suspicious eye..So did bryan.

Jeremy suddenly left me…he become overly quiet then spoke up.

“Ummm I just wondered if you got hurt”he said
“Oppa am fine”I said.
He removed his hand from my shoulders.

“Oh, I was just wondering” he said and tapped and my shoulders.

Jace Dragged me to sit with him evan sat on my left side.

Diego and Bryan watched jeremy as he ran into his room and banged the door

Bryan looked at me and looked at Jeremy’s door.

He moved his hair and quietly ran into his room

But What happened here right now?
Why did bryan and Diego look at Jeremy like that.

” did bryan hurt you earlier?”Evan asked as he poured himself a glass of wine
“No he didn’t” I said
“Mmmm amazing so how did u calm Bryan down” jace said.

“I didn’t do much..I just hoped and prayer”I said.

‘Wow amazing…jace let her go so she can bath…we Are leaving” Evan said while looking at my pajamas.
“Ok go” jace added

I stood up and bowed then ran into my room

They both still seemed amazed.

Jeremy’s pov

Ahhhhh what was I doing.
Why did I over react.
Its obvious she isn’t hurt.
Could Bryan be falling for her without knowing.

I pray so

I sat on my bed and brushed my hands into my hair.
But I can’t believe I got jealous when Diego said she stayed alone with him all night.
even if anything happened its not my business.

Jeremy stop stop stop please cut it out.
You left her for bryan.

Ohhh Austin will soon be back…deya will enter world war 25 with Austin.

I just hope Miami has changed him a bit.

Finally someone knocked

“Come in”I said

It was deya she was holding a tray.

“Oh what’s that?”i asked
“Others are eating downstairs so I brought your food up since you didn’t seem like you want to stay down” she said

I nodded and she smiled then dropped the plate.

She tried ruining out I dragged her back

“Better wait for me” i said
She smiled and sat on the floor like a Muslim.
Her legs folded then She faced me.

“Uhmmmm did bryan do–I mean did anything happen with bryan last night?”i said
“Huh!”she asked in a pretty smile.
only that smile can drive anyone crazy.
And the way her teeth just shows up whenever she smiles makes her very attractive.

“Where did you sleep last night?”i stupidly asked
“Oh my room” she said.
I nodded
“Oopa is the food good?”she asked
“Huh..yes” I said

She nodded and smiled.
“Ummm Bryan wasn’t mean to Me last night..he is not so mean to Me anymore..I think I am making progress in becoming his friend” she said in cute smile making me smile.

‘Goodluck”I said and hit the chopstick on her head
She laughed.

Her personality just conquers the jealousy.
I love her self control..
I looked at her as she peeped into my plate.

“Do you want to taste?”i asked
“Ahhh no”she said in smile
I took the fish with another stick
“Open your mouth deeeeya”I said
“no”she said
“Open”I said
“Ahhhh noo” she said
“Open”I said
“Ahhhh no”she said
“Open open open open”I said.

She closed her eye and opened her mouth.
that was the first time I felt the actual desire to taste her lips.

I smiled as i looked at her lips for a while . she closed her mouth and opened them again.

What am I doing.
I looked down for a while and breathed out.

“Oopa am waiting” she said.
“Oh sorry” I said and forced the fish into her mouth she smiled

“One more” she said and clapped her hands together.
Then opened her mouth again.
I smiled

“Why were you forming before” i asked

She laughed.

“Oppa should I open my eye now ?”she said
“No i will give you one more”I said
She nodded and opened her mouth.

I forced the meat into her mouth.

She stood up and ran away.

I fell on my bed.
God… it’s getting out of control.

Where is Nora anyway..I didn’t call her after she left my house this morning.

I dressed up and walked out ..others are waiting at the garrage


I wore a gown since we are actually going to Bryans family house.

I packed my hair into two it looked so childish so I folded it like that and wore a pink hair warmer.

I wore my school bag and opened my door.
Bryan also opened his door.
He looked gooooooood.

I remembered what happened last night.
I bowed hastily.

He moved into me and I smiled as I moved back.

I tried ruining He held my hand so I came back gently.
“Sir good morning” I said and bowed.
He smiled as he picked a call from Jackie yes, then used one hand to pull out my hair warmer.

I opened my mouth in shock and closed it.

“Honie?”he said into the call as he removed the rubber band from one side of my hair.

It fell free

“Ok, Am already on my way, but is candie home?”he said into the phone again and finally removed the other band.
My hair fell free

“Oh..ok”he said.. and used his fingers to straighten y hair.

He brushed his fingers into my fore head and carefully moved my hair behind then he withdrew his hand and walked out.

I smiled and looked down.
Jeremy just locked his door so he signaled me to run down and I ran out while holding my bag on both sides.

I couldn’t stop smiling.
Finally I will see who is this Jackie.
Hmmm I hope she likes me..cos I already like her name.
Who is’s obvious she made Bryan Moody.

I smiled and rushed In front then I bowed to Jeremy.


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