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October 31, 2020

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She is a virgin episode 1

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Written by *TOM*
Episode 1
(First man to come in)

I couldn’t take it longer. Mom cries echoed the walls as daddy hit her. I jumped and rushed out. By the time I made it to the stairs and looked down into the living room, mom was on her knee sobbing. Her face was bruised from the hit dad gave her.

“I want you out of my house now”. He cursed. Then he looked up at me and grimaced. “Go back to your room kid”.
I wasn’t gonna let him hit her again. I was just sixteen. I rushed and went to her side.

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“Mom”. I moaned with tears in my eyes and as kneel next to her. She was bleeding.

“I’m okay baby”. She cupped my cheeks in her hand wiping my tears. “Stop crying”. I looked up to my dad and shot him an angry look.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I shouted.

“What!” He exclaimed. Mom quickly brought me closer to her.
“He said nothing. He’s just a child. Please forgive him”.

“No mom. Let me talk some sense into his fucking head”. I jerk myself away from her standing up to face my dad. His face were wild. His hair look unkempt and he stinks of alcohol.

“Alex no”. Mom held me.

He roared into laughter. “Wow. So you now have the gut to stand up against me. Oh… it because you now have some little hair growing over that thing.. Now you’ve the courage to swear at me. You bitch”.

“Don’t call me that”.


“My name is Alex you drunkass”
“Please. He’s just a kid”. Mom pleaded.

“I got to teach you some lesson”. He picked something up from the table and charged at me. I’d no idea what it was.

“No”. Mom got up to shield me away from him. Just then, the thing came on her head and she fell to the floor.
“Mom”. I wailed holding her. Her head was bleeding.

“Die. I don’t care”. Dad stormed out.
“Mom”. I held onto her hand kissing it.
“Alex. I…..”

Those were the past. I shouldn’t bring back unpleasant memories. The past is in the past. I was momma boy back then.

Not now……. I’m a man now. With a good job. Good job? Or should I say fucking job. I’m Alex. Turning twenty-two today. I work as a mentor. Not really mentor but you’ll find out soon. The alarm ⏰ bell rang.

‘It’s nine o’clock. Happy birthday to you Alex’ The robot machine spoke playing a birthday song.

“Turn it off”. I shouted as I opened my eyes.

“Sure Alex”. The music stopped playing. I hate birthdays or should I say I hated my birthday. I sat upright checking my phone. A smile lit my face. “Wow. She send it”. I was starring at a nude pics of a girl I met through the internet. She looks breathtaking. I could feel my dick dancing through my trouser. “Don’t worry man. I’m gonna get you fed tonight”. Then I started to type. ‘Can we meet?’

‘Yeah. But where?’

‘Don’t worry. I’ll send you the address’


“Yes”. I jumped.

‘Your heart beat is too fast Alex. I can play you some calming music’ Then music start to play.

“I should get another machine”. I hurried inside the bathroom. Can’t wait to fuck her tonight.

Tiffany POV’S

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The water fell on my body as I starred to look at the woman in the mirror. I looked away quickly. Why did dad have to do this. I needed this surgery but he wouldn’t let me. Now what am I gonna do. Tonight is my honeymoon. It has been the day I’ve been dreaming about. The day I’ll finally get disflowered by Davis. He has always been my crush since high school. He’d always hated me for who I’m.

Ending up marrying wasn’t a coincidental since our parents are business partners. You can call it a business marriage.

I put off the shower and wrapped it around my body. I starred at the mirror expecting a sexy slim body but only a fat ugly girl starred back.

I hated myself. My looks. Everything about me looks horrible. I wish I hadn’t been born into this world. I dried my hair. I hope Davis won’t be mad at me cause it’s been an hour since I’ve been in here. I stepped out only to meet the shocking moment of my life.

Davis was busy making out with a lady.

“Davis”. I called and he looked up at me.
“Oh. You’re done. Hum….. I’m sorry but you can sleep on the sofa. As you can see, I’m busy using the bed”.

He continue to kiss her and she moaned to his touch. I felt as if someone just stab me in the heart. I’m outta here. I took a cloth and cried out.

I was in my car crying. Why? Why is it me? Why can’t I live a normal life like everyone else. The horns of car jeered me back to life.

“Hey. Move your car out of the way”. The light 🚥 had already say green.

“Sorry”. I apologise and drove off. I’d no idea where I’m going to. You’re such a freak Tiffany. I can’t get a surgery because dad thinks it might aroused the media which will lead to the downfall of the company. They’d told me to loose it naturally. But how? How can I loose 96KG all by myself. I cried. It’s okay Tiffany. That’s not a problem.

I can do that but right now, I’ve to get laid. I can’t be a virgin at 25. If I don’t have a kid, at least I must get laid. Lisa and others have been making fun of me because I was still a virgin. I don’t know if it’s a crime to be a virgin. I haven’t even get kissed before.

Oh lord. Why me? How will I get laid when I haven’t even kiss a guy in my entire life. Don’t worry. You’re gonna do it all tonight. I’m gonna get my first kiss tonight. Also get laid tonight. Nothing can stop me from doing that. So where should I go. Club? Yeah club will be great.

Filled with hot guys. I highlight in front of the club after some minutes. I got down and took a deep breath. It’s not too late to turn back. No. I must get laid tonight. I entered. Everywhere was rocking with music. How am I gonna find a guy here. I sat at the bar. OK. Here’s an idea. I’m gonna get laid with the first guy that walks in. Yeah, only the first guy. I don’t care if he’s ugly. I must get disflowered tonight. I waited patiently. Just then a guy stepped in. He was……

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