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October 31, 2020

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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 1

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-Episode 1

It was during the end of 2019 Christmas when Glo shocked me with excessive data, after I did a normal subscription.
I opened whatsapp er*tic group afterwards.

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I had little time to come online, we were about leaving home for Church on 31st Night of December, when I decided to curb online.
I switched on my data and a new number sent a message:hi, I checked if she is online and then her profile picture to see if I could recognise the face, my memory failed to recall which means I never knew the person.

I used her room’s nick to know the group she sent the message from, if she is a fellow writer like me.
A group created by Feathers to bring facebook writers community together, a communalist group to aid development of new writers and also improve the skills of old writers.

She inbox me from the er*tic whatsapp group I created.

Me: small gal, you will not go to church bah, you wan my use cane chase you go church?🤔 *I type and send*

Number: am not a small girl oh *she replied*

Me: okay, big gal leave things of the world and go to church. *I type and send*

Number: 😅😅😅😅 *she replied with plenty laughing emoji*

Me: you will not hear now oh! Before I use my d*ck flog you go church 😉
*I type and send*

Number: and you wan go church?🙄
*she replied*

Me: ehem, the kingdom of God suffereth violence, na by force we dey win soul nowadays oh!😆😆😆 *I type and send*

Number: I hear you, soul winner.😅😅😅 *she replied*

I saved her number without a name, so her contact displayed simply number.
I checked people’s status and her’s caught my attention, she did a video of her dancing to Naira Marley soapy and caption it.

Bye bye to soapy 19, I commented on her status with ‘mad oh! Mad oh! this your nyash is mad oh!’

Number: shey you will not go to 2020 like this? *she replied*

Me: I will drop my amu in 2019😅😅😅 *I type and send*

Number: 😅😅, stop writing all those your p*rn stories, you are spoiling us. We the virgin association.

Me: 😅😅😅, big girls are not virgin na.

Number: Mary is still called virgin, after given birth 😅😅😅😅

Me: chisos! Chisos!! Sister join me in repentance

Number: repent ke? P*ssy chaser like you. 😅😅😅

She was not the boring Nigeria girls, that rebuff every act of fun in chatting, we flowed well till I saved her number ‘soapy19′.
My brother came out from the room and met me outside were I was sitting down on a plastic chair waiting for him.

Victory: why you dey laugh?

Me: see question, I dey laugh ’cause of say I don join NMA.

Victory: wetin be NMA?

Me: new mad men association, Daniel come put this chair inside house.

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Victory: stupid boy, your wife spirit is crying beside you.

We left and my brother took the chair I sat on inside, we were just stepping out of our compound when we over heard voices.

Victory: no be miss one corner voice be that?

Me: maybe, make we wait for them

We waited a little on the road that bushes are side by side, they came close to us.

Miss one corner: enjima, na ona dey stand there?

Victory: no, our ghost.

Mirian: where ona wan go this night?

Me: we dey follow ona.

Miss one corner: we wan go church oh!

Me: na there we dey go too.

I was the one who nicknamed her ‘Miss One Corner’, she has a flat *ss but with huge hips, she could twerk your d*ck to hardness and cumness without license.
Trust me, I did not take my hands off her whenever we are alone but I have not had a chance to f*nger her, probably it will be that day.

My brother and her sister went ahead while I held her back, I crossed my hand around her waist and the journey continues.


A blogger asked me to write this for him, you can search for it and read it up from his blog next week Thursday.

I apologize for the delay, some guys are just over reacting. Am human too, I have to study for my good grades, am a 3l student in a University.

I have to face life too aside social media, am doing my best and also knows my limits.

After Toto Pass Toto, I will post a tribute story and quit as Facebook writer. Thanks for your understanding.

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