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Dream Episode 5

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He climbed up and I carefully leaned on the pavement,his phone rang so he stoped and i Heard his voice

” did Williams arrive?” He said into the phone.
“I am coming over,mansion right?”he said into the phone.
“Am coming”he said into the phone.

He left, thank God. mean Bryan almost caught me red handed, when am still praying to God to help me avoid getting into his wrath.I ran down and it turns out he left the milkshake, he didn’t drink it I smiled as I opened it fully,hunger will never kill me.running from lydia made me not eat at home now runing from zaina made me not eat in school, perfect……just perfect.

I opened the cup then drank it over.I saw his note which he left,oh no he forgot it .
I opened it and sang out his song, it was nice. Writting a song is not easy I better drop this for him.I dropped it and rushed away empty handed.

🎤Jeremy’s pov🎤
Bryan is not yet here,I hope Mr William doesn’t come over before him.
” Austin smoke in your room,
s-squares manager is coming” Evan said.Evan is our second stubborn head.jace is the youngest and Bryans forever crush,he doesn’t play with Bryan but Bryan’s introvercy creates a distance between the friendship he wants; everyone wants.

Mr Williams walked in just minutes after Austin stepped out, lucky him.

“Gooday ” we chorused
” where Is Bryan?” He asked.
Bryan walked in and sat down ,he poured himself a glass of wine as he sat in his couch.
” gooday ” Bryan said.
” what was your position in school bryan?”mr williams aaked
” uhmmm,well.. 100″bryan said and everybody laughed.
” 100,really? Are u not affected? Dont u know that the press will soon start a story,why are u lazy with your studies?”Mr William asked.
” is that why you came?”Bryan asked.
” no” he said and handed a magazine to bryan, he also opened it up,pictures of girls from different bands where there.
” what’s this about?” bryan asked, chewing in whatever he was chewing.
” the duet, at the national compettion; the industry asked you to chose your female partner.” Mr Williams said.
Bryan opened the book and the first picture we all saw was girlfriend’s nana. Bryan closed the file.
” girlfriend’s nana, girlfriend’s zaina, girlfriend’s bella, spark’s min`ah, a.b.c’s Suzy or girlfriends k. This is the list made by the industry, these are few girls who have a nice voice without editing or articfial vocals, though the “average girl voice hunt”is still on but we have not gotten any good voice there yet.the industry had personally recommended ‘nana,’ he said.

” is nana back from Miami?” Evan asked
” yes” Mr Williams replied him.
“Bryan, what do you think?” I said calmly. Bryan dropped the magazine.
” I cant–” he tried talking and Mr Williams interrupts.
” Bryan make your choice as soon as possible so you–
” Jeremy will do it, i wont.” Bryan said standing up.
” Bryan, the issue of the last competition has not been resolved, do you really want to start another chaos? You might have already gotten your money and your fame but you still belong to “dreame,” if this issue gets to the board your contract might get terminated.” Mr wills said.
” fine,” Bryan said.
” I hope you will be proud enough to repeat this same statement in front of sir edwardo.” Mr Williams said.

Bryan walked out and Mr Williams turned to me

” Jeremy what on earth is wrong with Bryan? I thought he was changing, Aaarggh!!” Williams angrily flnged the magazine to the floor.”what lie do I tell sir edwardo this time?”
He angrily rushed up and he said,” don’t forget to the birthday at blinkz guys.
We nodded

bryan being the leader of dreame right now its not an issue to argue, he meritted it.
he lost both parents and sisters when he was 10years old.he is not Korean but dreame is a Korean band.Bryan is from Australia and was in the orphanage till he turned 12.There was an open program at the orphanage where sir edwardo realised Bryan’s talent and took him from there then signed him under dreame,Bryan was so sad and pained even at that little age,he tried kiling himself by eating wrong stuffs,sometimes he would get lost and dissapear to where no one would see him.he doesnt talk or smile he was deeply an introvert.
Bryan was like that till he turned 13, then he was sent on a 5years training in south korea before his first debut at 18.After he returned (after his debut) everything was okay,the house was fun,Bryan really changed he became lively and everyone was grateful to whoever changed him.Then last year’s glamour camp came, after last year’s glamour camp Bryan got worse.he went back to his pained ,sad, annoying and lonely self,but not only that;I noticed something else, something new;it’s this hatred or should i say avoidance for women.Though he was never a woman person but he also didn’t Detest or avoid them this much and I still strongly belive that it started after last year’s “glamour camp.”

He was under a no dating policy and he still is, so u can’t tell me he had a heart break. I really want to know what’s wrong,If only Bryan would open up.
I walked into his room🏡.. he dropped his phone
” what happened to knocking,”he said,picking his towel.
” Ryan what is wrong with you? Just stop!! why do u keep doing this?”I asked him.
” I can’t do it even If I wanted to, i cant, even if I force myself to. I can’t sing, live, train or spend time with any girl Because I detest their being,
I can’t stand them, none of them. I just want to be left alone, Jeremy!! tell them to let me be.”he said and He walked into his shower.

God we can’t fail this competition,am not worried about only the price but I also don’t want sir edwardo to feel disappointed in Ryan,that would pain him too much.
I walked into the living room.jace flinged a box of chocolate into the dust bin.

” jace!!”I said
” I thought Bryan would be In a good mood today so I bought this for him”jace said, I lifted the bin and it was filled with gifts again,I just poured away this stuff last week.
jace has been buying gifts and waiting for Bryans good mood ever since last year when he came here,but he doesn’t understand that that’s a myth..Bryan being in a playful mood is a myth,he never has a good mood.He has trained himself to find joy in loneliness i don’t know if love will help Bryan, i think its time this n.d. policy ended.I wonder what happened to Bryan that night at glamour camp.We have a party tomorow night I better rest.

Oh jeez, school and work is so stressful when combined,I still have to work as a waiter at the party tommorow.i snuck into my room and fell on my bed when lydia walked in

” ODEYA, come and wash my shop curtains” she said.
Jeez , all of that.
” but–
” I didn’t force you to go to school,it was your choice so stand up” she said.
I nodded and stood up.I will soon run away don’t worry.
I walked down and faced the hip of curtains, and from then on it was work ,work, work. Lydia didn’t let me sleep, I know she wants me to give up on school.

I was one of the waiters,I was dressed like one. Lucky for me hana,one of my friends was by my side and we gisted each other when I was less busy.

” ODEYA look, the boyfriends” she said and i instantly hid under the table..I looked at them they looked gorgeous.

Just then a very pretty girl catwalked In,she looked so hooot and pretty,she had alot of guards. She looked wild and calm at the same time,who is she?
” omg,nana is back” Hannah said.
“Who is nana?”I asked.
” the leader of girlfriends,Kim nana”she said,”there was this rumour that she is Bryan’s girlfriend.
“she’s pretty,”I said
I smiled as I watched nana walk down to the BOYFRIENDS.

I turned over to the other side and hid under the table,I wasn’t seeing them clearly but I have a feeling they are not complete. This is risky,no one should see me. how do I go home now? I can’t work tonight. I sent a text to a girl in my dept
✉✉ Trisha am leaving,my dad is actually sick
✉✉ ok,I will tell the boss” she repiled and i ran off like a thousand army was chasing me. I untied my hair and kept dodging and hiding until I almost fell down and someone caught me he held me tight with so Much care and attention.
I opened my eye wide, and OOOHHHH GOD!!! BOYFRIEND AGAIN😭😭😭

Why do I keep getting into trouble😕😕





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