Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

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Too sad to cry

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Too sad to cry

Time touched my form, happenings shred my emotions,
All my life was but storm,my strength to carry on charmed
Uncertainty to conquer became spontaneous, in tatters
I lived with the life of ingratitude to breath,
The curse of misery dried the sap out of my veins,
I became squeezed and too sad to cry.

In my youth I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun,
But now I stare into those days and i see it clear,
Let me start from where my personality was eaten from
the root by the very people who claim to water my stalk,
Slowly I wither, shrinking to nothingness I became too
Sad to cry.

Yes I made effort to find what’s there to be found,
Every good findings was bad for me, love was deceit.
Is there ever a dog that praise the fleas,my experience
With love was that of the dog and fleas, I was bitten

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Sweet Marijuana

Bitterly I became too sad to cry.

The time I spent with passion and precision was ruinous
My decisions were bitter laughing,very scornful was the
entirety of my outcomes,if I give wings to my memories
to fly back to my past the enigma of it brings me near tears
But I am too sad to cry out.

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