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A young woman who gave her name as Tife from Oyo State has narrated how her 54-Year-old father pays her lump sum of money to sleep with her.

Tife who said she is seeking admission into the university wrote to a newspaper relationship counsellor, seeking for help, said she is helpless and does not know how to stop the incestuous relationship.

“It started when I turned 16. One day, my Dad met me changing in my room. The way he looked at me suggested that he was attracted to me immediately. I saw his eye turn red and he began to move towards me and touched my boobs. I froze in fear and couldn’t say anything, ” she said.

Tife said though nothing happened between them on that first chance encounter, her father started wooing her ceaselessly by showering her with gifts and sometimes cash.

“He would call me into his room and start to talk to me as if he were talking to a girl he intends to date. He promised to provide whatever it is I need in life, ” she said.

According to her, their first day of intercourse happened when her father returned from a business trip.

“He came back and I sort of missed him. I ran and hugged him and he took me inside and began to fondle me, ” Tife said.

She said she lives with both her parents but her Mum was not aware initially until she saw her in a towel in her Dad’s room.

“My mother knows I am a very private person. She was surprised to see me in their room in just a towel while my Dad was in the bathroom, ” she said.

She said she denied doing anything fishy with her father that day, but her mother was not convinced.

“I knew she didn’t believe me. From then on, she started monitoring our movements, Tife said.

“She would barge into my room unannounced until she saw me and my Dad kissing in the night on the balcony.”

“From her looks, I knew she was devastated. It has strained my relationship with my mother whom I see sometimes crying, ” she said.

Tife said sometimes when she sleeps with her father, he gives her between N50,000 to N60,000 to buy whatever she needs.

She ruled out any ritual tendency from her father but said she is hooked to him.

“I don’t think he does it for ritual purposes as I think because, sometimes, I am the who initiates the whole thing, ” she said.

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