Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

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It took me two years, four months, three weeks, five days, two hours eighteen minutes to finally make up my mind
Four years with you seemed like thirteen years in bondage
Hell would have been better.

I’ll love you till my last breath
I’ll take care of you like my own
I’ll do this
I’ll do that.

But in the morning
Abusive words is my breakfast
I thank God during lunch cause you’ve gone to work
My dinner is filled with strikes, blows and wounds
What did I do wrong?

All the time I keep asking
What did I do wrong?
What did I do wrong that you treat me this way
But the reply you give is another set of blows

You go out
Get drunk
Rip me of my clothes and make your way to my temple
What do u care, after all u paid for it
It yours, you can go in anytime u desire

I long to multiply just as the bible has commanded
But you have flushed away my seeds
Refused them to germinate
I used to think the devil was using you, but no…
You’re the devil itself

I can no longer breathe the same air as you
I can’t look at your face a minute more
My mind is made up
I am leaving
Leaving for the sun
Leaving to inhale good air
I’m leaving to live
Goodbye Mr. D
Hope your next prey survives your evil deeds.

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