Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

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Who Raped You?

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By nature,
A woman’s nudity is a man’s insanity,
Alas! This normality
has become the regularity in the society.
When madness is seen as sane,
Her frivolities will have to colonize the brain.

The way you present you
Is the way you’ll be presented,
If a Queen chooses to be a subject,
her crown becomes subjected.

When she appears naked before kings,
Her accolades instantaneously shrinks.
When she appears naked before nobles,
Her dignity sucks like an ungodly lady,
She loses the prime of her time,
And dis-virgins her primetime.

You’re how you portray you,
Either in beautiful shades or black and blue,
When you half-naked you,
Remind you that you’ve already
Raped you before they rape you.

When a woman walks
With her legs widely open,
Ask her, the rapist or you,
Who raped you?

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