Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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The State Of The States

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Daily, our eyes are born again
To sorrows wider than the world;
The cooking pot is home for spiders
And lizards, landlords of the kitchen.

Tolu Sabbath said, “Nigeria is a script,
Written by a mad man”, but
I’d like to say, “it is a mad script
The ordinary man cannot write”.

One man commits a crime,
Because he has a name, they say; “bail him”.
Another commits a crime,
But has no name, they say; “jail him”.

Democracy is a weakling.
The mass is like an abandoned project,
Generating revenues every four years.

The state of the states in alarming.
We do not need alarm bells to
Remind us Jesus saw Nigeria in His trance
When he bellowed, “it is finished”.

Like deaf men at war,
We now hear with our eyes.
We follow the scornful
Gun vibrations with sensitivity,
Lest, we be bulleted six feet
Down the red earth.

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