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Sweet Marijuana

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From #star queen

Hey lovelies.
So what do you think of this poem.
Written by a good friend who is also an upcoming poet

Do me a favor, read to the end and say something.

Corrections are welcome.

Am not here to tell you to like his page yet!!, but hey… I just want us to tell him whether to pursue this little dream.

What do you think…is he good?

By B.C Nwata

Oh sweet Marijuana
Are you my friend or my enemy
Just yesterday you made me call John MaryAnna
You’ve stolen my heart, my head and my memory

I remember the time we first met
I couldn’t resist your sweet smelling perfume
I took a kiss, your kiss of death
And now am hooked to your evil fume

An hour without you is filled with pangs and pain
Am I in love with you or obsessed
It makes me wonder what is even my gain
Considering you make me act possessed

They say I need help
But I think it’s you I need
The say you make me act like a whelp
A mad dog who has no bone to feed

The other day I insulted my father
I still wonder how and why I did it
You’ve made me bring tears to my mother
That precious woman, her heart cries and I feel it

But my friends told me you were a treasure
That you’ll make me bold and ease all my pressure
Yes you’ve made me bold, but in a wrong way
Cos now I don’t even know what I do or what I say

I’ve lost concentration thinking about you
Every minute every moment I crave for you
My academics and my career I put aside cos of you
Oh bedeviled Marijuana I’ve had enough of you

I’ve seen your true face
Your mask is now useless
I’ll no more let you make me a disgrace
I trusted you but you planned to make me aimless

But how do I stop you
How do I say no to your temptuous allure
I guess I’ll have to fight you
Reject everything about you, hate and abhor


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