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The beauty of love

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The Beauty of Love
I. Usman
Love is like a galvanise passion,
Which is of imperceptible to some,
Love in his infinite mercy gave to human,
Himself is the embodiment of love for the both sides should be gladden.

He who phantom the exquisite of love,
Find the panacea to poignant feelings,
As to love to be reunite with oneself,
Capable of exorcizing the body.

Love is one the greatest gifts,
As he bestowed on his creation,
For human shall be live to fulfil his duty,
An avalanche that bind the human.

The extortionate that come with love,
Is like an accentuate atomize satisfaction,
Love thyself for you shall excel,
Expunge your spiritual sense like an effulgent stars.

Exultant is for those who preach the efficacy of love,
The world revolve around the standing ovulation of love,
Find love and you found peace,
Find love and you found joy,
Found love and you found solutions,
Found love and you found inner satisfaction.

The atom of it is to share,
Follow therein is the fulfillment to behold,
Minding not the quantum,
The intention is of course reverberate and fill the soul.

Live not the world of contented fellow,
The beauty is seeing smiles goes around,
I am fun full for I find succor in giving,
Hereafter I shall accumulate my cup,
As I reunite with my creator.

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